Wedding make up at the mall

In order to cut costs, I am considering having my make up done at either a mall cosmetic store, Ulta or Sephora. Does anyone have any experience with any of these or recommend one company over the other? Or any advice for going this route? I don't want over the top make up for my wedding (like no fake eyelashes or heavy eye make up), and I plan on purchasing a few of the products to be able to use everyday/special occasion again.

Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

Re: Wedding make up at the mall

  • I would schedule a trial and get the details worked out. Then get the name/number of the consultant and book with them for your wedding day to make sure they are there.
  • You could also consider Macys or Nordstrom's as they both of cosmetic counters. As PP said do a trial run, I've been to Sephora a few times to try out products and the way some girls did my makeup was not my cup of tea. Also bring a picture from the internet or magazine to show them what you want to look like because the way you describe what you want may be interpreted differently by them.

  • I've had my makeup done at Sephora in Shadyside a few times for non-wedding events, and have really liked their work!  The staff there is friendly, listens to your suggestions, and explains the products. Maybe emphasize that you like a "natural" look, to avoid the heavy eye makeup look.  Doing a trial, possibly when you do engagement photos, is a great idea as mentioned above!

    (I also have had my makeup done at a Sephora in a mall out-of-state, and was not as satisfied -- not sure if this was just bad luck, or maybe the staff at malls are more overwhelmed/busy.)   
  • I work at Macys and would recommend going to one of their cosmetic counters for your makeup if you can get them to do a trial run first. I get my makeup done there all the time if I'm going out after work and had it done there for my engagement pics. You could also check with the girls at your favorite counter to see if they do makeup on the side. Most of the ones from my store do and one said she only charges $35 to do wedding makeup at your home/hotel.
  • I actually spoke with the ladies at Macy's and they recommend the same thing the other gals are saying.  Have a trial with someone to see if you like their work but base it off the brand you want.  I love the new nude pallet from Urban Decay.  
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