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any of you brides tanning before your wedding?

i was thinking about it, but have no idea where to start or how to do it! just want my skin tone to look a little more even.

you doing anything? bed/lotion/spray/etc? if so, you on a schedule?

thanks :)

Re: tan?

  • PepperallyPepperally
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    I started about a month ago, only going once or twice a week for 10 minutes in their cheapest=weakest bed.  Some weeks I haven't gone.  It's not a priority to get super dark, just to make me not as pastey white as I have been.  I'm not using any enhancing lotions like I have in the past. 
  • I think I'll go a few times, starting this upcoming Sunday. Maybe twice weekly so that gives me 6 total times. I will start with a low # on minutes (8 maybe) and will gradually increase to about 12. I still have a small summer tan left, so I mainly want to maintain it until 10/25!!
  • I started tanning two months before my wedding, but only because it takes me FOREVER to get color. I am finally about the color I want, and I'm going to continue going up until the day to maintain the color. I am super pale, so I didn't want to look like a ghost in my white wedding dress. I have a friend that went once and is already darker than me, so it just depends on your skin for how much you want to go and how dark you want to be. I would definitely start with a low number and work your way up. I started at 10 minutes and was fine, and the next time I went up to 12 and the only place I was burning was my back and it only burnt a little bit, so I built up the tolerance and am now up to 20 minutes. Good luck!!!
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio
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    I am NOT tanning.  If I was, I would probably use the Jergens lotion, I've had luck with that in the past.

  • I still have some color from summer  but I may go 3-4 times before hand to help get rid of my slight tan lines. They arent that bad but a little noticeable. My gym has beds so I'll try to go when I go to the gym.


  • I'm not tanning - I burn too easily and the wedding is only 11 days away at this point. I have been experimenting with both a Jergen's lotion and a Nivea lotion that gradually tan, and I've had great luck with both. Next week, I'll start applying the lotion every other day - I think it should give me a little color without being noticeable.
  • I don't have time to go tanning, but I've been putting on the Jergans lotion about once a week. I can't tell if it's doing anything... but I don't really want to be super tan anyway. 
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  • I have been going a couple times a week or so for the last month.  I plan on getting a spray tan about a week before as well.  I am getting married on the beach so I need to have a little color :)  It's best to work up to longer times in the actual tanning bed and use lotion to keep your skin moisterized.
  • I had a huge tan line that went straight across my back, and my dress plunges low in the back, so I bought a month unlimited at the tanning salon so I could get rid of it. but I've been so busy! I've gone a couple of times I the past couple of weeks, and I'll continue to go a couple times a week until the wedding which is the 18th. Hopefully by then, the ridiculous line will be gone!!
  • I went spray tanning. My feet look gross and dirty, lol. Good thing I am wearing boots. I want to go again maybe sunday.
  • I signed up for a month of unlimited but only get a chance to go a few days a week after work. I think it will look nice to have some color by the 18th but I don't want to be too dark so I don't bother trying to go more than 2-3 times a week.


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