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Copycat friend...real life bride wars?

So my fiancee's best friend/groomsmen just got engaged (about 3 months after we got engaged) to his girlfriend of less than a year. The couple are really good friends of ours, so we were extremely excited. A couple of weeks ago we went camping and started talking about wedding planning. They were thinking a fall barn or country estate wedding in 2016 upstate, which we said sounded amazing. We let them know about where we had decided on for our reception venue, a penthouse suite with huge terrace and views of the Vegas city skyline. They commented on how different it was and how excited they were. Well fast forward to yesterday when my fiancee tells me they have set a date to October 2015. Naturally I worried a bit since our wedding is July 2015 ( 3 months before their date) , we will have a lot of the same guests, my fiancee is a groomsmen in their wedding as well, but I figured we would make it work. I texted the bride congratulations on setting the date and asked where it would be, she let me know she had moved it to the city of the state they live in and are having it at a penthouse suite with a terrace that has a view of the city skyline. I was floored. Trying not to overreact I told her it sounded awesome and how we were wedding twinsies almost but I couldn't help feeling a little hurt. My fiancee has assured me our wedding will be completely different. We have fewer guests and it's in Vegas and ours is first. I can't help but think that there budget is 5x ours, will have more people, and same guests. And since its so close to ours, people will be comparing the two weddings, and thinking they did it better. Am I being a crazy bridezilla or did they copy us?
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Re: Copycat friend...real life bride wars?

  • You're not being a crazy bridezilla but I do think you are reading too much in to it. I had a similar experience when my best friend got engaged a month after me but married 9 months before - lots of the ideas I shared with her from our wedding plans magically appeared at hers. During her wedding I was clearly annoyed but FI just kept reminding me that those are details only I would notice and our guests won't be making comparisons. It's an entirely new event, new couple to celebrate, etc. So while I can see where you're coming from and feeling annoyed, just let it go and focus on YOUR day :)
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  • You are totally right, I think I was just so excited about our wedding so different than the usual New England friends and families have had, was just kind of irked at how blatantly similar the venues were. Think I just have to let it go and send the negative vibes up into the universe.My wedding will be fantastic and original regardless because of who I get to spend the rest of my life with.
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  • Exactly the mindset to have!! We get so excited about our own weddings, it can be a little disheartening when a close friend appears to rain on our parade even if it isn't intentional. We get a little wedding crazy I think :) 
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  • You should take it as a compliment! :-)  They liked your plans so much more than their own initial ideas that they changed things.

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  • I wish I could think that way, unfortunately I'm not that enlightened, vegasgroom. Lol.
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  • I would have the same initial feelings as you but I'd be sitting pretty knowing that my wedding is first. ;) And also, I opened this thinking another bride who is your friend was using the same actual venue as you (like Bride Wars) and that would have been pretty bad.

    I think this couple was inspired by you but your weddings will still be different and yours will be amazing! Don't let this spoil what you've known all along will be a great event. :)

  • Right your wedding is first so theirs seems unoriginal and like a copycat. I would just be cautious going forward with sharing idea with her so they don't "accidentally" show up in hers. 
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