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Today's NSV

I'm 5 days in and today is the first day I haven't been STARVING and ready for lunch by 11:00. I made it to 1:00 before I ate which means that my calories will be easier to manage this evening because I shouldn't be STARVING again by the time I get home from work (fingers crossed). Anything you guys want to share?
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Re: Today's NSV

  • I usually exercise right after work, so I have more calories to eat when I get home for dinner. It's been going well, and I've been having some "left-over" calories by the end of the night when I'm not hungry anymore.

    I alternate swimming and running days and yesterday was a swim day. Getting out of the pool, I ended up getting a calf cramp and making pain faces for about 3 minutes while trying to massage my muscles into relaxing. It's still stiff, so IDK if I can run today, or if I do I'd probably have to cut back on distance... which means less calories to eat tonight :( and I have yummy left-over pasta!

    Good job on the 2 lbs down! Drinking a lot of water at lunch helps keep me feeling full til the end of the day, might help with the starving feelings!
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