Mini Champagne Bottles

Does anyone have any experience with ordering 187ml bottles of champagne/sparkling wine? My wedding isn't until March so I'm thinking about waiting till close to or after New Years. Thoughts?


Re: Mini Champagne Bottles

  • I bet you'll be ok either way! It won't go bad as long as it doesn't get unreasonably warm. I am putting these in my welcome bags and just cleared out the local Total Wine & More, but I only needed 30. Any big-box style wine store (Total Wine, BevMo) should be able to order you a few cases with only a week or two of notice.
  • It never hurts to ask a manager for a discount.  After NYE, I usually stock up on champagne for brunches and tailgates later in the year.  Kroger and big stores always have it on sale.  Just ask a manager if you buy everything left, if you can get an additional discount.  
  • Def check out discount liquor stores.  I looked into them for my wedding, but decided to go with another favor instead.  
  • You may check direct with a producer - eg, Chandon in California. Depending on the volume of your order (and state receipt laws for alcohol) you might get a good direct discount. Plan to do the same for our welcome bags.
  • I'm planning on doing this for my wedding in May, haven't decided between wine or champagne yet. I was able to find the largest/cheapest selection at weddingwinefavors.com  They will even do personalized labels for free. Stew Leonards also had a few different choices, but since they were basically the same price I will probably go with the personalized ones online. Not sure yet when I will be ordering -probably not until at least February.

    I originally wanted to go with the half bottles and then use them as the holders for escort cards but I had a really hard time finding them. So now going with the smaller bottles and giving them to each person

  • sames52915 just so you're aware, I've found bottles much cheaper than this at Total Wine.

    I'm going to wait until after NYE to see if they have anything on sale/clearance.


  • that is great! unfortunately, they do not ship to ny :(
  • sames52915 Lame! At least with the place you found they do the labels which, like you said, is convienent


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