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Reviews!! 9.15.14

My wedding was the best day of my life. This board has helped so much during my planning so now I am passing it on. Although things did not go perfectly I loved all of my vendors. Best of luck to all and my advice is enjoy the planning process. It is long and stressful but well worth it and fun to look back on.

Aria Hotel and Casino A+
I wanted to stay at the Aria because that is the chapel we chose. It make it much easier to get ready and just head downstairs to the chapel as oppose to going to a completely different location (especially since we were always short on time) We made a room block which only one guest used but we were upgraded to the corner suite because of that room blockd and it was gorgeous. The hotel delivered champagne, cookies and chocolate covered strawberries throughout the day before the wedding which really showed they care about their brides and grooms and not just another wedding in vegas. 

Aria Chapel A+
Book it. If you are thinking about it, just do it. I cant say enough great things about my experience with them. It is modern, beautiful, and spacious. I always wanted a classy vegas wedding (dont let people tell you it cant be done!, and the Aria gave that to me. Erika was my wedding coordinator. Great communication, answered every question in every email within a day or two and there were a lot! She even sent us a handwritten card to our hotel room saying how happy and excited she was for us. She was not there on the day of the wedding, but Mylin was and she was the sweetest thing. They made me feel confident things were under control and all I had to do was relax and get married. Book it. 

Francesca Lombardo A
Hair and makeup was very important to me, which is why I booked Francesca who has nothing but stellar reviews. My makeup was beautiful, not perfect to my taste but when I look at my pictures I feel beautiful so maybe she knows her craft that well. My hair was perfect but my curls fell within 2 hours. Ensure you have a trial, I didnt book it because I felt I couldnt afford it but that is one thing I do regret as I feel I would have been able to let her know my hair did not stay curled. She was very sweet and calmed me throughout the process as well so I feel she still deserves an A

Bently and Wilson Photography A
I have mixed feelings with this vendor. On the day, I felt he did not direct too much and waited for us to make suggestions. However I chose Todd based on his intimates pictures. One of the biggest regrets of the day was not having enough time to get intimates pictures. He did  get some beautiful pictures on the short amount of time we had though. Overall I am happy with the work we received. I do want to say my husband loved him and says he thinks he did amazing.

Maggianos A+++
Another vendor who I cant say enough good things about. Beth and Sabrina were a pleasure to work with. I had so many questions and ideas and they answered every one. The food was to die for and the space was perfect. Book them.

Freeds Bakery A+
DELICIOUS! great communication, Janie was a big help. 

The Palette A+
My center pieces were even more beautiful than I imagined. Great communication, flexibility, and full of fun ideas. BOOK PAM!

Beauty By Bri A+
This review is for communication. She was prompt and professional with responses and was very understanding when I was not able to book her for my bridesmaids. Look into her work, she seemed a pleasure to work with.

I think that is about it. Let me know if you have any questions! 


Re: Reviews!! 9.15.14

  • congratulations and thank you for the reviews
  • Thanks for the reviews!  I have a question about Aria.  How big of a room block did you reserve?  Did they charge more since your block wasn't filled?

    We reserved 20 rooms and were told if we didn't book 10 they may re-evaluate the rate we received.  
  • Thanks for all the great reviews!
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  • Thank you for the reviews and Congratulations!! I wasn't planning on a trial but now I am starting to think maybe I should (HMU)....
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  • Great reviews! I agree Trial is a MUST do if you have the time and $$... it helps make the day less stressful!
  • Thanks for the reviews! Do you have any pricing info you can share on Aria and/or Beauty by Bri? I've been looking to get some info on that added to my site.

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  • I booked Beauty by Bri and she was $150 for bridal hair and airbrush makeup with lashes.
  • Never heard from Bri, so I opted to go with who my venue uses- Pampered Brides. Kinda bummed about. Bri!
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  • Congratulations!  Your review makes me happy that I booked Aria, although we will be staying there for our mini-moon and not the night before or of the ceremony. 
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  • We had the smallest amount you could block, don't remember the exact amount. But we did not get charged for rooms not reserved and they did not change our rate. For the aria we chose the "fantasy" package which was about 1500 at the time for a monday. I will say for pricing do your research. It never hurts to ask for an old promotion or special package price :)
  • Thank you for your reviews!!! Your wedding sounds amazing! I am an Aria bride but still haven't decided on a reception- Maggiano's is on our list. How did you transport your guests?
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