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    Oh man. One plane trip, maybe 2 or 3 driving. Definitely depends on who it is. Family, yes. All best friends are married, so Idk about other friends. They'd have to be pretty special.

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    We went to 2 this year, but 1 was in FI's home town and we visited with his family so it doesn't count quite the same. Although we still flew, rented a car, and stayed in a hotel for both. 

    My limit is 3, but it depends on when they are. If they're during the summer and decently spread out, then it is easier for me to get time off and I might go to more. We're invited to another one across the country later this fall, and with our wedding and honeymoon we can't get the time off to go. 
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    It depends on the who and when.  The most I've done was 4.  On average I say it's one a year which is prefect.   

    Next OOT wedding I know of is in April of 2016.   I have to admit I'm pretty excited about.  That means  2015 vacation time is completely free to do as I please.  Not that I don't like OOT weddings, but sometimes you need a break.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    sarahufl said:
    We go to entirely too many OOT weddings....I would love to know what we have spent in airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc over the years.

    That said, it is usually because we really want to go. I have only been to 1 OOT wedding that I went out of a sense of obligation (and it sucked and cost me a fortune). If we decline, it is typically based on if we have other plans and not because they are OOT.

    Over the past, let's say 5 years, I have gone to at least 25 weddings. Most of them have been OOT. We had 10 this year alone, 7 of which required travel.
    I feel ya.

    DH and I got engaged in May 2012.  Between then and May 2014, we attended 12 weddings together (including our own).  He attended 13 (one of them was while I was out of town on a business trip).

    7 of them were a 2-3 hour drive away.  For 3 of those, we were able to stay with family.
    1 of them was a flight to California.
    Of the local weddings, 2 of them were for my siblings, and 1 was for DH's brother.

    We were also invited to 2 more weddings - one was a plane flight to Ohio and another was local.  We declined because they overlapped with other weddings we had already planned to attend.

    We are on a first name basis with the BB&B registry lady nearest us.
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    Probably one or two. It all depends on who it is. We're travelling to CA for BIL and FSIL's wedding later this year, and another one of my friends who lives in LA as said for years that if she were to get married, it would be one of those, "I'm in Vegas, you have 48 hours to get here and see me get married) things, so I'd certainly fake sick/drop everything within reason to fly out to see that. 

    But unless H and I wanted an excuse to travel someplace, we probably would decline non-sibling non best friend must fly to weddings and send a gift instead.

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    For me it's all to do with expense and vacation time. If we don't need to take time off work and it's not prohibitive financially, we don't have a limit.

    However, we do ski most winter weekends (3-5 hr drive, plus overnight hotel and about $200/each for lift tickets, plus gas and food) so our travel budget is usually committed to that from January-April. Spring and summer, though, sure.

    Destination weddings, though...once a year unless it's a really unusual circumstance. We're selfish and we want to spend our vacation time on our own trips, not on Caribbean resorts (which aren't our thing.) Anything that requires me to go for a week is definitely yearly only.

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