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New here:)

Hi, I'm new to this board. My husband and I are renewing our vows on 9-17-16 we will be married for 20 years. We are super excited especially my daughter as she will be helping me plan everything. We are going to have a fall theme renewal. About 90 guests, our youngest son will be walking me down the aisle,our two older sons will be standing with my husband and my daughter will be standing with me. That's all we have plan right now. we visited 2 vendors so far and plan on visiting one more vendor in nov. Most places will not booked till jan 2015 which give us plenty of time :).i look forward to getting to know everyone here and getting advice:). Deanna

Re: New here:)

  • Hi Deanna! Your plan sounds awesome!

    This board is new and pretty slow so far but I have been checking every day to see if anyone is catching on. ;)

    It really sounds like it will be special to go through your planning process with your children. Congratulations!

  • Hi, Thank you for the welcome. I'm very glad this board is here. Hopefully the board picks up. I look through the other boards but I feel a little bit out of place because I'm already married and such. Congratulation to you also :)
  • Yeah, I've wandered over to other boards here and there but for the most part, I feel out of place also. I came here to join the Vegas board but was pleasantly surprised to find that this board was added. I think you'll see it evolve during your planning process. :)
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    Congrats on your big milestone- 20 years! Hopefully this board will pick up and you will find the exchange to be helpful with your planning.


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