DJ vs. IPod playlist?

Hi everyone I just wanted to get  your opinions on this.
 My FI and I are thinking on just having a pretty laid back reception and low key. For lack of money i think that this is the best solution for us. That and neither or our families are the big formal ceremony types. So I was thinking of just having our reception at a park or something like that. And I don't think we will need a DJ my sister had a DJ at her wedding and no one really danced or anything. Neither families are big drinkers so we won't have alcohol and i think that is what gives people the courage to dance. Anyway what do you all think about instead of having a DJ just making a IPod or whatever playlist for music at the reception. That way the traditional dances can still happen but if no one else wants to dance its not a waste of money. I was just wondering on how you all feel. Thanks

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Re: DJ vs. IPod playlist?

  • LeslieAnn23LeslieAnn23 member
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    Based on what you just described, i think an Ipod playlist will work great!!
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  • monica93555monica93555 member
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    If I were you then I would go with doing the IPod!
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  • amy5581amy5581 member
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    We are doing an IPod playlist as well at our garden wedding next summer.  We figure it's a great way to save money and "our" music will be played.  For us this day is very special and our personalities will be reflected in the music.  Anyways, GREAT IDEA!
  • sarahmarietmsarahmarietm member
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    We did an iPod reception....it was perfect. We too were on a low budget, and didn't serve booze.  It was very laid back, but very nice to have music playing in the background :D
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    Thanks everyone! I'm definitley doing the ipod thing thanks for all of your opinions. Now to just figure out where to hold the reception lol.
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