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Jeffrey Goldstein Officiant- I love you truely

I just want to give you my review on I love you truely Jeff Goldstein, in case anyone is considering him. My wife and I used Jeff Goldstein for our wedding at the Imperia on Sept 27, 2014 and what a mistake. Ill first start by saying how over priced he is. He charged us 500 to marry us at our wedding. We later found that individuals on the knot offer this service for free. So we thought, he is a professional and prob worth the money. So fast forward to our wedding day, we are at the alter getting married and he said my wifes alicia's name wrong, not once, not twice, three times in front of everyone. That was after she corrected him the first time. The first time my wife alicia corrected him on the incorrect pronunciation no big deal, we smiled and laughed, but after that he said it wrong two other times. Not only did he say her name wrong, after my best man gave me the ring to put on my wifes finger. I did it too soon, and he noticed and said why did you put the ring on? We said sorry and smiled, and he said "i'll tell you when to put the ring on" in front of all of my guests. What kind of professional sits there and argues with his clients at an alter in front of 140+ guests??? How embarrasing. This guy is arrogant and condecending. He pretty much ruined out ceromony. I had guests at my wedding question why he was arguing with my wife and how did he say her name 3x incorrectly. He claims he is a professional and he is worth his outrageous fee. If that was the case he would have taken the time to correctly pronounce her name before we were married, and also would not have argued with my wife during the ceromony! There is absolutley no excuse for this. If you are paying someone 500 dollars to speak for 15 minutes you expect a professional. I never write reviews. I am so upet i needed to put a review out for him. I really hope this saves some of you 500+ dollars! Dont use him.
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