Do we pay for valet?

I'm having my wedding at a hotel in Boston & valet parking is not covered. Since we are hosting the wedding there, are we required to pay for the valet of all our guests (its $30 per car)? Although its a high cost for us to pay, I also don't like the idea of having guests pay to park either. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Re: Do we pay for valet?

  • Wow, that's a lot!  Is there a non-valet parking option?  There might be garages nearby that are less pricey.  I would talk to your coordinator at the hotel and see if they can make some kind of deal with the valet company/garage and get you a discount?  Or talk to the garage company directly, since usually they are not owned by the hotel.  Still, I think hotels have some kind of deal with the garage... for example, when you first met with them, did they comp the valet?  Then, they can do something similar for your guests.

    I'm totally with you on not wanting your guests to pay.
  • We looked at several Boston venues and it seems like that is the price point for Valet.  We ended up booking a venue in Providence and the Valet is only $12 per car.  We are of course, paying that.  Try to negotiate a better price.  Can you estimate total # of cars and agree on a flat fee to pay?

  • The last wedding I went to was at the Seaport and the valet was covered by the hosts (the bride's parents). On the directions insert of the invitation, it said that valet would be covered.

    It was really nice because it wasn't exactly the easiest drive in (traffic on a beautiful Saturday evening) and because hotel rooms for the night cost quite the pretty penny. So it was definitely a nice touch to have the valet taken care of.
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  • If valet is really the only option you should pay for it. (Although, as mentioned, try to negotiate a better deal!). But if there are lots of options (i.e. other garages nearby, street parking, or public transportation), then you can let your guests decide what they will do. If so, I would put the info on your website and an info card in the invite, saying something like "Valet parking at the venue is available for $30 per car. Other parking options are available at the XXX garage one block south on XXX Street, or the YYY garage 3 blocks north on YYY Street, each for $15 per car, as long as you enter after 5pm. Street parking is free after 6pm if you can find a spot, and the venue is also located only 3 blocks from Z Stop on the T."

    Also, if your guests are staying at the hotel, then I don't think you need to pay the valet parking for them. That, to me, is on par with paying for their rooms. They should incur that expense themselves. 
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