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Rehearsal Dinner Invites?

What's the best way to invite guests to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner? It is an informal event, but I'm worried an E-vite or email will get overlooked (especially by the groomsmen!). Invites in the mail take time and cost money, but might have a better chance of getting read carefully. Any thoughts?

Basically - Any advice on getting wedding party members to actually READ the important timeline and information you've worked so so so hard to put together? 

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invites?

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    We are just telling everyone and reminding them over and over again!! With all the people who lost their rsvp cards and whatnot, I'm not even confident that an invitation to the rehearsal would have made much of a difference. FI and I will just be on top of everyone making sure they remember!
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    We used paperless post.com. It's like evite but It tells you who has opened it, responded, and how many people they are coming with. You can also limit the amount of guests of any they are allowed.
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    I would probably tell them and then send out an invite using my Google Calendar.

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    My mother in la ordered some on Wedding paper divas and mailed them over a month ago. We have close to 30 people. Between the bridal party and immediate family then I invited an aunt and uncle who are from out of state.


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    It seems kind of late to be sending out paper invites at this point to be honest. I'd just call people and maybe also send out a timeline email to your bridal party. I mailed my RD invites over a month ago like @mocarski002. But the only reason I even did a formal invitation was because we invited a bunch of OOT family to come (not just BP, parents, and grandparents).

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    The wedding isn't until the end of the month and everyone already knows about the RD - we sent out a "save the date" evite a month or two ago. It's just frustrating realizing people didn't respond, read it, etc. Ugh. 

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    Absolutely.  With the money we paid for the save the dates and the invitation materials and guests either misplaced them or simply ignored them, we felt it would be money down the drain.  We only invited 20 people to the rehearsal dinner, so we called and invited them (quite a few don't have email!).

    Zazzle may be an option if you still want to do printed invitations.  They're great and usually run sales.   I've ordered quite a few things for my wedding from them.

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    I did an evite...I actually got a really good response with only a few not showing as having been viewed.
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