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Anyone used Dermablend for tattoos?

Has anyone used Dermablend to cover up a tattoo/tattoos for their wedding? How was it? Did you cover a large or small tattoo? 

Re: Anyone used Dermablend for tattoos?

  • I have a decent-sized one on my foot and I tested dermablend on it. I used amazing cosmetics concealer, and dermablend body makeup (out of the tube) on it. Took a couple layers and a little alternating in warm/cool tones with other foundations to get it to look less noticeable, but it is possible.

    What size and location is your tattoo? If it's on your upper body in a really noticeable location, you might have to cover a biiiiiiiigggggg patch to make it look less obvious that a tattoo is covered.

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  • I've used the Kat VonD tattoo cover up before. It is kinda pricey, but works really well!
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  • I attempted to use it to cover a large blue and red tattoo on my shoulder. My make up artist ended up just creating your own blend of make up because it wasn't really covering the dark colors very well.
  • I haven't used it, but heard good things about the Kat VonD, too.

    You may want to go somewhere like Sephora where they can experiment with different things until you find what works...without having to pay for everything.
  • I'm getting a tattoo removed at the moment...are you thinking permanent removal or just temporary for the wedding?
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