HAIR!!!! hair trials for the big day. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! ~MKE


I'm looking for recommendations for salons to get your hair done and have a hair trial. I'm not sure how hair trials or anything works. I'm looking for a salon within a ~10-20 mile radius of Milwaukee.

Re: HAIR!!!! hair trials for the big day. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! ~MKE

  • I had my hair done at the Vici Beauty School in Greenfield off Hwy 100.  My entire bridal party of 6 had their hair done and because I had 4+ AND I paid for my hair trial, the day of was free for me.  I think it's only $25 for an updo on the school-side of the salon.  I actually wasn't happy with my trial (partially my fault for not being clear with what I wanted because I just expected magic...lol).  At the end of my appt, because I still wasn't satisfied, the instructor said she'd put me with a different stylist and she wanted to redo my trial (free) with her.  I took them up on the offer and the other stylist was able to create something more to my liking.  I was so happy I went there and didn't pretend to like something I didn't because I was VERY happy with how my hair ended up on my wedding.  Funny, I talked to my friends about the ordeal and they all said they did not really like how their hair was on their day. I don't know if that's common among brides, but I was happy and have always had luck with Vici.  Additionally, it was awesome having my whole party do their hair because of how many stylists they have we could all go at the same time.  Plus, I wasn't putting them in an awkward spot $-wise because it was $25!!  They do make-up also, but I've never had this.
  • We went to Trend Salon in Tosa. Jessica, the owner, is wonderful and a long-time stylist of my mom's. I would ask for her as she is the best. I loved my hair!
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