FOR SALE - Rustic Wedding Decor-Wood Slices, Tall/Short Vases & Escort Card Table

We are reselling decorations from out Summer Rustic Wedding - We will edit post as items sell off. Will deliver/meet up for Boston, MA area or anywhere in RI and Eastern CT.  Can find out shipping costs if someone wants something shipped. 

Wood slices, vases, cake cutters, escort table set-up

We have wood slices that we made that are shellacked and protected from splitting. They were a huge hit on our tables as centerpieces - 1/2 of ours were high and 1/2 were low. We gave the low centerpieces away so aren't selling those vases. A couple had splits in them right away (see picture) but they actually looked really authentic and cool this way - none are split through! They are about 20 inches in diameter and about 2-3 inches thick. We have eight whole slices and eight with holes in the middle to fit tall Vases (makes for perfectly flat display). - 10 dollars each - 150 for all 16

We have thirteen tall vases. Vases are thick, sturdy and heavy and 27 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter opening. Some were straight up extras we didn't use at all with 17 dollar price tag still on them. We have the bags and packaging so they can be wrapped up nice and safely. There is still peach ribbon attached to the ones we used, easily removes - can also give you my extra peach ribbon in case that is your color and you want to keep the color the same across items. - 10 dollars each - 120 for all 13

We have one wooden escort table set-up. It's 5 ft by 2 feet which is a size of a standard piece of sod - we had a piece of sod placed inside. Included are TEN birch logs with slices that allow for you to place escort cards inside. There are about 170 slices - we have 160 guests and left 10 empty. The are the de-teachable dowels holding a sign above. You can see the sign above the escort card reads, "You can find your seat here but your place is on the dance floor" on Burlap with sharpie. Above this is a "WELCOME" sign. We had our initials on either side of the WELCOME sign with a additional burlap banner pieces - I have two extra blank pieces of the burlap banner so you could write your own or whatever you would like (Like a heart). Can include fake flowers shown if they work for you (Peach and burlap) - 100 hundred dollars for whole set-up

We also have additional short cylinder vases that we used for bridesmaids flower vases for the tables - we have two with burlap/lace wrapped around them and one with silver sparkle ribbon wrapped around them (I the bride used this for my flowers for during the reception). 7.25 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide - 6 dollars each - 15 for all 3

We also have additional tapered flowers we used to hold the flowers in while we were all getting ready. We have six that are nine inches tall, 3 inch wide opening and 2 inches wide at most narrow part . - 6 dollars each - 30 for all 6

We also have out cake cutting that was obviously used once and since washed. I bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond and the 40 dollar tag is still under the box. - 20 dollars for the set

Re: FOR SALE - Rustic Wedding Decor-Wood Slices, Tall/Short Vases & Escort Card Table

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