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Gift for your groom??

What are some good ideas for a gift for my groom?  I understand giving gifts to each other is not for everyone, but I really want to give him something on our wedding day.  I am going to write a nice letter, but would like a gift to go with it.  I am probably looking to spend around $50-$75.  He already has enough watches, and he won't be needing any type of jewelry, cuff links, etc. Any other ideas or suggestions?  Thank you :)

Re: Gift for your groom??

  • We didn't do gifts, but I'd shop like it's any other gift giving event. Don't worry about it being a "wedding gift" and just get him something he will love.
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  • Definitely shop like it's any other Christmas or anniversary.  My FI doesn't do jewelry or watches, I'm definitely planning on doing something that is more him.  That means I'm probably going to have to find a signed comic book, or guitar or something like that.  Also there was a recent discussion on one of the other boards about a boudoir photo shoot, which is more to each their own.  Some people are comfortable with the idea and some are not. 


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  • Thanks.  I have done one of the photo shoots in the past, so I am trying to think of something different.  I am just having a really hard time coming up with ideas. 
  • The hard part is - we don't know your FI. So we'd just be throwing out random generic ideas that aren't personal to him or you or your relationship. If you want better suggestions, at least throw out his interests, likes, dreams, etc. 
  • He enjoys golfing, watching football and baseball, eating good food.

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    Can you buy him tickets to a huge rivalry game. Or can you buy him a year long club membership or something for the the golfing.


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  • unfortunately tickets to a huge rivalry game would be several hundred dollars, plus traveling costs since his favorite teams do not play in our state :/ thanks for the suggestion though!
  • Mine wasn't fancy, but DH loved it. I got him batman socks (that he then wore for our wedding) and a book called "A Lovely Love Story" (and hand wrote a sweet note inside).
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  • That is such a cute idea!  Unfortunately, my fiancé would not be into the action hero thing, and he doesn't read :(  I am having such a hard time coming up with ideas for him.
  • So get him socks in his sports team to wear during the wedding.
  • I'm of the mindset that the best groom's gift is his wedding band, buuuut...

    What about a new putter? A personalized golf club head cover? A nice piece of sports themed memorabilia or man cave art? A gift package for a nice meal from Omaha Steaks with a coupon for an indoor naked picnic? A nice pair of sunglasses?

  • I have been keeping a journal throughout our engagement of prayers for my future husband and prayers/ poems that will help me to be a good wife.  I plan to give this to him on our wedding night and it's free, just spending some time and I bought a nice journal. 
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  • What about something sentimental about where you got married? I got DH cuff links (I know you said no cuff links but just hear it out!) made of maps: one link is the city where we live and the other is where we wed. You could find some sort of personalization on a golf ball (if you're getting married near a resort or country club then they may have personalized ones!).

    I also really love event-type eating (like murder mystery dinners, medieval times, etc)
  • Since he's a baseball fan, you can get Louisville Sluggers that are engraved, straight from their website. I think they are about $60

    I had a piece of artwork commissioned for my husband. He loves it
  • My cousin spent a few months before her wedding writing a journal full of happy moments with her fiance leading up to their big day and sweet thoughts and had one of her BMs give it to him shortly before the ceremony. It was very personal and he loved it.
  • I think there are a couple of great directions to go. 

    One is an experience- sports tickets, concert, even a dinner out would work. You could even plan a scavenger hunt that you do on your 6 month anniversary and just give him the first clue before the wedding. 

    Another option is something lasting. Think of something that fits his interests but won't wear out too quickly. The engraved bat or a golf club cover is a great plan for this that should fit your price range. You could get a cool print that fits his interests, such as a pen and ink of the stadium where his team plays, etc  though its best if you like the look of the print too :) 

    The last is small but meaningful, something like the socks that can just be something to unwrap and enjoy now, accompanied by a note that can be kept. 
  • Here's what I'm doing.... We are both huge dog lovers, and part of the reason I fell in love with FI is because he has a special dog that needs special considerations in life. The dog is a reactive biter (meaning he's not aggressive - he just sometimes gets overwhelmed and can't figure out how to cope and lashes out. It's unpredictable so only certain people are allowed in our house, he has to take meds, etc). Many people would dump this dog at a shelter or have it put to sleep, but FI took it to experts and found ways to help his dog cope, etc. His dog is his buddy, and probably won't live more than another year or two. Over the year leading up to our marriage, I'm having a friend of a friend who does photography as a hobby do photo shoots of me and the dog. I've already got a couple of shoots done, and we do cheesy themes for each shoot. He knows about the first photo shoot. I told him it was a birthday present & had a couple of pictures of his choosing printed & framed. I'm using shutterfly to turn all of the pictures into a photo book covering the year leading up to the wedding. I'm hoping to take a picture of me in my wedding dress with his dog in a bowtie a few weeks before the wedding so it can be the last page in the book. I'll cover the last page with a piece of paper and tell him not to open it (he doesn't want to see the dress until I'm walking down the aisle), so he won't see the wedding dress picture, but he'll still have it in the book.
    The point of this was not to AW (okay - maybe just a little - I'm pretty pumped about this idea) but to give you an example that you might somehow be able to use in some way.
  • We bought a house two weeks prior to our wedding. We considered that our gift to each other. 


  • We decided on no gifts, But I'm thinking of getting some geeky wine glasses and having our caterer swap them in for us at the head table ahead of time. Something fairly cheap (can buy glasses and get them engraved with anything, geeky, sports, sentimental etc) and have them out at your wedding so when he goes to have a drink he'll see it.

    Im getting one for me that says 'I love you' and his will say 'I Know' (From Star Wars)
  • We didn't get anything.  We wanted to, but we were both dead broke from the wedding.  We also didn't get each other Christmas gifts that year (December wedding.)
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    I got my groom an engraved pocket watch from Things Remembered. 
  • On the line of a personalized bat since your FI is a big sports fan.... my brother got his groomsmen all these beautiful bats and also got one for his wife through  They allow you to handwrite the message and they will engrave it onto the bat.  They came out beautifully.
  • My fiance has wanted a nice shaving set for a while now so that's what I'll give him most likely. I don't care if he uses it on the wedding day or not.
  • We didn't do gifts but i left him a note with a bottle of his fav cologne that he recently ran out of and something totally random and personal that no one else would get but he knew what it meant and he had it in the palm of his hand when i met him at the alter.   
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    DH just finished law school, so for our wedding last year, I got him engraved collar stays. He wears suits daily, and it's something small and personal that he'd actually use.


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