Rehearsal Dinner ideas in downtown Portland

Hi there,
Does anyone know of a good low-key restaurant for about 40 people in downtown Portland?  I had hoped to do it at Old Town Pizza, but they are already booked :/  I checked with Kell's Irish Pub for their banquet room, but it would be about 1300-1500 dollars and our budget is more around $500.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks =)

Re: Rehearsal Dinner ideas in downtown Portland

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    We had ours at Nicholas Restaurant. Great food and a very nice banquet area! They do book up fast though. Priced well too I think it was $15pp

    www.nicholasrestaurant.com/" class="l">Nicholas Restaurant

     26 reviews - Place page
    www.nicholasrestaurant.com - 3233 Northeast Broadway Street, Portland, OR - (503) 445-4700
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    Thanks Nicole, much appreciated!  That place is tasty :)  Only issue is getting people over there ... I have a lot of out-of-towners coming in that day and everyone is staying at the Marc Spencer hotel downtown and I was hoping to find somewhere within walking or street car distance.
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    Other nearby places to check (no idea if they do parties or not, but it's worth looking into)

    Henry's 12th street tavern
    Deschutes Brewery
    Rock Bottom (they have a room upstairs)
    Touche (again, an uptairs room)
    Vegetarian House

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    Thanks for the ideas! 
    I think we are going to go with Touche.  It increased the budget a little bit, and teh lady there has been frustrating to work with, but as this point I just need to start booking things!
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