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Help! I purchased my gown out of state and need to get my dress altered in Portland or Washington County. I am looking for a top-quality seamstress or alterations vendor as my gown is 100% silk.  Any suggestions or great experiences?

Re: Portland Area Alterations/Seamstress

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    Kathi at kathis stichery- she is amazing and can do anything!
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    Ditto Kathi Agen.  www.bridal101.com

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    Ditto Kathi @ Kathi's Stitchery.
    She is the sweetest lady and will make you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world!
    She's in Gresham but WORTH THE DRIVE without a doubt!!
    She did the dresses for Katie Harman for her pageants and the dress she wore for her Miss America win!
    GO TO HER! You will not be disappointed.
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    I've been referred to Kathi as well, but am having a difficult time getting a hold of her? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Kimberlee, did you use email?  That's generally the best option.  This is also her busy season, so it might take a little time.
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