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Dreaded B listing...

Question for you ladies.

Is it considered B listing if you allow someone to bring a +1 after receiving No's on your RSVP's?

For example, I invited Jane Doe.  Jane is single and her invitation was addressed correctly saying

Jane Doe
123 Main St
Happyland, CA

Then later after a few guests decline, would it be inappropriate for me to reach out to her and let her know she is now able to bring a guest?

I wouldn't want to come off like "Hey I like you and I want you to be a part of our wedding!  But I can't afford to let you bring a date.  OH JUST KIDDING, my other friends can't come so you can bring someone now, kthxbai."

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Re: Dreaded B listing...

  • No, allowing a guest to bring a plus one after some guests have declined isn't considered B-Listing. I would just call and say "Hey, I know it wasn't on the invite but I wanted to let you know you are welcome to bring a guest if you would like" no need to give a whole explanation. 

  • Although I don't want to put words in other PPs mouths, lol, when this question has occassionally come up...the general consensus is that this okay because it is a courtesy to your already invited guest. Not really a B-list.
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  • Great to know! I didn't include plus ones for single guests but have the space to allow them to bring guests if they wanted to.
  • It's not B listing bc the person didn't exist (in terms on the guest list) when invites when out since the person was truly single.
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  • Awesome, Thanks guys!
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    Carry on with your bad self! ;)


    ETA: 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day? Get yourself a margarita! That's an awesome number!

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  • Carry on with your bad self! ;)


    ETA: 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day? Get yourself a margarita! That's an awesome number!

    I didn't even notice!  Hahah, I will definitely have a celebratory margarita tonight! 
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    I totally did this. 

    ETA the way I approached it was just sending them a message that said "Hey! I just wanted to let you know that if you are going to be able to make it to our wedding, you are more than welcome to bring a guest. Hope you're doing well!" 

    Everyone seemed quite happy. 
  • When I was single, friends used to call me and say something like, "We ended up with some room, so feel free to bring someone if you want." I appreciated it. It's all in how you approach it.
  • I think if the person you're inviting wasn't in a relationship when the invitations go out, it's not B listing to allow them to bring someone later-especially if they enter into a relationship.
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