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Help with colors

We're having our wedding next October and our colors are Plum, Burgundy and Copper. Since we're diy-ing I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to use all of my colors evenly. As it is, we're using plum too much and I would like it to be as evenly dispersed as possible.
If anyone has tips or advice for me I would greatly appreciate it. 

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    What are you already using the plum for? Why don't you explain the decor ideas that you already have planned, your style, etc. so we can get a better idea of how to help.

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    edited October 2014
    Well we're in the beginning of our planning and trying to figure out what we want to be plum or burgundy. I wouldn't know what style we're picturing, but if i had to describe it it'd be modern styling with rustic elegance We have already booked our wedding at the Marland Mansion in Ponca City, OK. We're using the same spots as this couple for the ceremony and the reception: HERE. We're having a very small family wedding: 28 guests including the wedding party, my fiancee and myself so we can splurge on decorations and catering. I'm having a hard time picturing attire for my maid of honor and the best man. I would like the colors to be evenly divided between all four of us, but I'm unsure of how to go about this. If my fiancee and I should have plum accessories and the MOH and BM wear burgundy.

    We aren't wanting a lot of flowers though, but the arrangements we are getting will be white roses, burgundy dahlias and another kind of flower in a plum color... I don't know what flowers are in season in fall that are plum (or can be plum) 

    We like this for table decor, but as you can see, it's purple. And we're thinking ivory tablecloths with a runner in one of our colors. 
    reception table decor
    If you look at the link above you'll see that the mansion doesn't need much decorating, it's beautiful.
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    I would try to pick different items of all the different colours you want to incorporate so you can try to avoid having too much of one or too little of another.  So, this might include BM dresses, GM's ties and/or shirts, linens, centerpieces, cake, tablescape items (basically, things on the table that are not part of the centrepiece, such as candles), favours, etc.  Below are some pictures to try to help:
    Vintage plum wedding inspiration
    Plum, Gold, Copper, Tan #wedding
    Plum and Copper

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    Wow @doeydo some of those photos you found make me wish I was having a fall wedding--I love that chocolate and plum tablescape. 

    OP, those colors sound great! Have you considered that you might not actually want to have all four colors evenly? Have you heard of the 60-30-10 rule? It's usually used in interior design, but I think it could apply to weddings too, and it's basically the concept of having one dominant color, with secondary and accent colors to break things up. From the sound of it, plums is your dominant color and you'll just need hints of the other colors to make the plum pop. You could do that with burgundy wraps on the bouquets or with copper vases--that way you have little splashes of color without having to stress about making things "even". 

    You can click here for more info on the color theory behind 60-30-10. 
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    If you aren't wanting a lot of flowers for your centerpieces... why not use actual plums for a few tables? Buy a hurricane or vase somewhere cheap and fill it with plums from the grocery store?
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    Thanks everyone! I loved the pictures, they gave me a lot of ideas! :D I have never heard of that 60-30-10 rule but I'll look it up asap and I'll definitely look into the plum centerpieces! :D 
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