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One month Sept 6 wives!

So, how has your first month been!? :) Ours has been... the same, only married! And busy! Being married is awesome and I love being a Mrs. and a wife. I really need to kick my butt in to gear and start the name changing process, now that I have a little bit of free time. I want to be Mrs. HisLastName!

Re: One month Sept 6 wives!

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    haha same here...nothings different except for my last name and getting use to calling him 'husband' :)  He emailed me at work yesterday to tell me 'happy one month of being married!"  I love being able to call him my husband and I LOVE hearing him call me his wife.  'Boyfriend' and 'Fiance' never felt strong enough. I like 'Husband' :)
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