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Dress alterations?

I got the e-mail today that my dress came in -- yay!

The thing is, I am not sure I want to get my alterations done at The Wedding Shoppe, where I bought my dress. I just didn't love shopping there, didn't love their attitudes, and have read some poor reviews of their alteration services.

That said, where did you get your dress altered? Was it great? How much did it cost? :)

Re: Dress alterations?

  • IMO - it really depends what the dress needs done for what the alterations cost is going to be. There are places around - a lot of past knotties have used Louise, but I'm not sure of her contact info. Otherwise, there's a gal that the sewing machine store I use recommends (more of a you show up - not really an appointment type thing and she does the work)... That all said - PITA as it might be, just get them done there at the shop, sure they're going to gouge you again (nature of the beast when it comes to formalwear shops - alterations can double the cost of the dress), but unless it's something super simple let them do it because if they mess it up they'll be responsible for a replacement (who am I kidding, they never are), you'll have the negotiating power in your court theoretically. Hopefully once you put it on the only thing you'll need is a bustle...
  • I used Louise Kegley and she was super affordable and did a great job. She was so good - always available when it worked for my schedule.

    PM me for her contact info if you'd like it.

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