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So Where is Everyone with their Planning?

I am in the midst of working with my florist on design and getting a final quote.  I've had two meeting so far and have to go back yet again for a third.  I've seen one design for a portion of my reception including my sweetheart table.  I've also seen the design for my ceremony and my bouquet.  All thus far I heart big time and am very excited about.  

I still need to tie down my videographer with a contract which my WP is dealing with.

I am now gathering recs for backup bakers.  I had one I thought I would use but now I am too sure as she isn't able to do the more intricate designs due to her age.  She's been baking for over 25 years and she says she's not up to making all the rosettes, swirls, and such any longer.  Her cakes are scrumptious though!  Yummy.

So what are you up to?

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Re: So Where is Everyone with their Planning?

  • I have most of the big stuff done and I'm starting to figure out the smaller details. 

    We have the invitations down to two options, I just have to take FI to see them in person so we can decide. I also want to get flowers figured out this month since they'll actually be in season so we can see what we'll get. 

    Those are whats on my immediate to-do list.
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  • We have quite a bit done.. But I feel like there's still so much to do.

    Ceremony/reception venue booked
    DJ booked
    Caterer booked
    Cake is planned out and we have a price quote on it, just need to put down a deposit
    JP is partially booked.. (He has scheduled in our date but we still need to do a meeting in person with him)

    We still have to do a few bigger things like find our photographer, find my dress, pick out save-the-dates and invitation designs.

  • 9/6/2015...
    I have my venue, catering, and bar service.
    Photographer DJ and videographer are booked.
    We have a contract from the florist but FI wants one more quote elsewhere before we commit.
    Cake comes with the catering so it's taken care of we just have to pick flavors and design it.
    I have my dress and shoes.
    We sent out our saved the dates and have rough guest lists made up.

    I also have an officiant in mind but haven't made a move yet.  I'm so excited, time has been FLYING.


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  • Wow, you guys are really good...

    So far, I have:
    -Caterer and location booked
    -Church booked
    -Took engagement photos

    Starting to do price quotes for wedding photos (probably going to go with a family friend b/c makeup is included) and florists.  DJ is a family friend so will do that later.  

    Next tasks...asking my bridesmaids, choosing wedding colors, starting to draft the website, picking out engagement photos.  
  • I've been moving so fallen a little behind the last few weeks, but so far I have the church, reception venue (which has catering and drinks included) and cake maker (my mother haha). The next few weeks are filled with consultations with photographers, venue designers, florists and dress shopping. I definitely want all the big things booked before Christmas!
  • Wow, you gals are all so good! :)


    So far I have:

    -Venue (on site catering)


    -Hotel room block and bridal suite

    -Meeting photog we will book this coming Sat (I went to HS w her)

    -Florist appt in Nov.

    Trying to plan a wknd to go dress shopping! My Mom is local but MIL is OOT and would like to include her.  Wknds are packed w our wedding to-do's and attending weddings! AHH

  • I have to agree that you ladies are on it!! It feels good knowing where everyone else is at so I don't feel terribly behind.

    I have my dress, the church, the reception space (Only have two catering options and waiting to do that at the begining of the year when my parents want to put a deposit down), my photographer (took engagment photos already), have the color and designer for my maids (they just have to pick out their style).


    Right now I'm trying to figure out flowers either getting a florist or maybe just doing the center pieces ourselves.. Also meeting with some wedding planners to possibly book a DOC. Not sure if I need one yet but I'm going to meet with some and figure it out from there.


    Everyone keeps telling me to wait to book our photobooth and DJ in Jan. when there are a ton of bridal shows.. Is that too late?? Not sure!

  • jleeblesjleebles member
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    Time is flying so quickly! Our date is September 12, 2015, and so far we have:

    - Ceremony Location
    - Reception Location
    - Catering Booked
    - Photographer Booked
    - Engagement Photos in two weeks :)
    - Hair and Makeup Booked
    - Wedding Party chosen

    I've just started looking for dresses a few weeks ago, and I think I'll have one picked by the end of the year. Bridesmaid dresses are being researched, but I think we'll take care of that in the new year.

    The wedding commissioner we want doesn't book 2015 weddings until the new year, so we will be booking him January 1st haha!

    We have a mutual friend that is a florist that has offered to help with bouquets and flowers, and we will be meeting up closer to Christmas to decide what we want.

    I've started chipping away at small decorations, via coupons at Michael's and facebook re-selling groups. I'll start getting bigger items in the new year.

    We've ordered some invitation samples from online companies, but haven't completely decided yet.

    Our accommodations will probably be booked before the end of the year.

    Feels like there's been so much done already, but still so much to go!

  • We are getting married September 5, 2015, and in my opinion we have quite a lot done:

    - Website done
    - Guest list completed 99%
    - Registries completed (one for household items, one for honeymoon)
    - Full budget for wedding and honeymoon completed
    - Wedding party chosen and confirmed
    - Officiant chosen and confirmed
    - One of my bridesmaids, a professional graphic designer, is working on our save-the-dates (I'm waiting to see how much I love them to ask her to do the invitations, etc.)
    - Ceremony location booked
    - Reception location booked; catering is included
    - Dress bought; waiting for it to arrive to have my first fitting (likely in Jan.)
    - My mother is currently blocking out hotel rooms and scheduling a cake tasting for me (I live in FL but will be getting married in OH, where my family is)
    - In talks with the photographer we want to use
    - In talks with the florist we want to use

    We are having a small, morning wedding, so many things are unnecessary (e.g. bridesmaids all wearing a different color and dress of their choosing, no DJ - just going to run a playlist, members of the wedding party will be playing the ceremony music, etc.)

    We are waiting until January to book anything for the honeymoon, but it is 100% planned!
    Currently stressing over booking a bridal suite and a rehearsal dinner location, as well as booking our flights, buying rings, etc.!  I keep having to remind myself that it is still about ten months away!
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  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    We're getting married September 12, 2015!

    Last year we moved away from our hometown for work, so we are planning a 'destination' wedding back in our hometown. It's been a little more stressful than I thought it would be, realizing how many things need to be done in person, and can't be done on weekends! I'm thinking my FI is going to get delegated to do a bunch of things next year as he works 10 and 5 while i only have weekends off.

    We took a week off in October and went back home for Canadian Thanksgiving and got a lot of stuff done. So far we have:

    Ceremony Venue
    Reception Venue
    hairdresser booked
    Items to assemble into centerpieces (pending vision actually being pretty IRL)
    All fake flowers bought to be assembled into bouquets and Bout's (FMIL allergic to real flowers)
    Engagement photos done (anxiously awaiting proofs!!!)
    Wedding rings bought
    Wedding dress ordered (AHHHH!!! so pretty)
    Bridesmaids dresses picked but not ordered (My MOH is 8.5 months preggo so we're waiting on that. Will order them by December 1 as the colour i want may be seasonal)
    Save the dates sent (fairly early but a bunch of FI's friends are pilots and have to book vacation a year in advance)

    Not really sure where to go next in the planning. I know we need to look at hotels and transport and need to find a bartender. Everything else is details. (suits, buying the alcohol, getting insurance and license, fittings, accessories. etc)
  • It's good to see everyone getting checks on their to-do-list.   I am adding a check to mine for reserving the hotel suites where the wedding party will be getting ready.  One suite is for me and my girls which will double as the wedding night suite.  The other suite is for my groom and his guys. :-)

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    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • Oh hold, completely and quite possibly indefinitely.
  • I have the following booked:
    • venue
    • DJ
    • photographer
    • caterer
    • florist
    • 1 baker-we are having cheesecake for our cake and our guests will have a regular cake
  • kimx86kimx86 member
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    Update! I've now booked my:

    - Florist
    - Event designer (don't know her official title, basically the lady who dresses the church and reception)
    - Photographers (2)
    - Chosen bridesmaid and flower girl dresses
    - Chosen my dress!!

    Next on the list is talking to the company who makes some really lovely invitations I had a look at a little while ago, and tracking down a make-up artist
  • Wow, you guys are really on top of things!  My date is 9/26/2015 and so far I have the church, reception site (including caterer and alcohol), and photographer.  I'm currently researching hotels, DJ's, and invites, and dress shopping like a crazy person.  Unfortunately any decisions that require my fiancé's input are on hold until hunting season is over. lol
  • Here's where I am at:

    -reception booked (caterer essentially as well since it is a restaurant)
    -ceremony/officiant booked
    -engagement pictures done
    -photographer and photo booth booked
    -dress and veil purchased
    -bridesmaids asked
    -bought some decorations from a person who recently got married with a similar theme to what I am thinking and have an idea in my head for centerpieces
    -a draft of the guest list
    -DJ booked as of yesterday

    I think that is all for now. I just want to block out hotel rooms this coming week, then taking a break until after the holidays. I am planning to go to a bridal expo in early January to work on getting ideas for the rest of the vendors.

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  • We just decided to change our cocktail reception to a full plated meal, so there's a bunch of stuff that wasn't on my list before that just got added. Mainly meal package, cocktail hour, seating plan, different seating layout (now that there's tables and chairs for everyone) which completely changes my centerpieces...ahhhhhhhh. I do feel better about it though, it just means reworking a bunch of stuff. 

    For those of you who have blocked hotel rooms, what's the ratio of rooms to total guests? I'm only expecting about 50 people and I think I'd only need about 10 rooms. Is it worth blocking rooms?
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  • My date is September 12, 2015 and so far I have:

    -Ceremony space, reception space and catering
    -Officiant/DJ/MC (all the same person)
    -Cake is booked (need to design it)
    -Bridal Party is chose and confirmed
    -Girls dresses are picked (not ordered)
    -I have my dress and almost all accessories (just need to put together my veil and I need a bracelet)
    -My wedding ring is bough (came as a set when FI got my engagement ring)
    -Photographer (already did engagement shoot)
    -Invitations are bought (need to print at home)
    -All flowers are bought (need to assemble)
    -Almost all of the decor is bought
    -Decorator hired (also getting rentals from her)
    -Room block is booked
    -Bridal suite is booked
    -Make up is booked
    -Hair is booked

    I'm mostly working on Christmas gifts right now but as soon as that's over I'll go into DIY overload there is a lot of spray painting to be done for all the decor, I have to make all the bouquets/corsages/boutonnieres and we have to go make our wine in the new year.

    And I have my family working on a few projects

    -Giant Jenga
    -Giant Kerplunk
    -Cake Topper/table number holders
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  • @futuremrsr2015 - Wow.  You are rocking and rolling.  I am impressed by all of your DIY list.  

    @jennyleigh16 - My WP did the hotel room blocks for me.  I've no idea how many she booked for me.  I am going to guess she did 10 at three different hotels.  My guest count is between 100 to 125.

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • Thanks, it's busy time at work from January-April so I wanted to get as much done during the summer/fall as possible.
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  • edited November 2014
    Futuremrsr2015, wow, you have tons done! Great job! I'm your date twin and I thought I was doing well, but you put me to shame, lol!

    What I have done -
    -Ceremony/reception location booked (same place). We just had our first meeting with the event coordinator the other day, and luckily, she is fabulous! Catering has to be done by them as well, so that's done, too, lol!
    -Photographer booked. I need to email her about setting up an engagement shoot just after the holidays
    -DJ booked (and they will also provide some uplighting for the reception)
    -Photobooth-esque thing booked
    -Ceremony music (harp and flute) booked
    -1.5 floral consultations done, waiting on quote from one (the half was a person we met for someone else, haha, so I was able to get a feel for them as well)
    -First dress shopping done. Found one dress I did really like, though I'm definitely going to keep looking
    -My wedding band bought (though that was more him, he bought as a set as well
    -Cake booked, though it's going to be from my cousin, so all that's really done is that the date's held. Still don't really know what design and all I want
    -Bridal party decided on, though they haven't been officially asked, I don't expect any declinations

    Guess I better get going... lots of things I have in mind as decided already, but I just need to book/buy/etc.
  •  jmg-we have the same date! 9/265/15 :)

    Here's my updated list:

    venue (it's a restaurant so food and bar on site)

    my dress purchased (still need to decide on shoes and veil)

    make up artist

    bridesmaid dresses chosen but they will be purchasing them in March

    hotel room block and bridal suite booked






    favors (we're doing cake in mason jars-love them! We'll have a red velvet w cream cheese frosting and a pumpkin cake w vanilla buttercream)

    event painter-we're having a painter paint our first dance.  Guests will be able to see him paint throughout the evening

    registry completed

    I am waiting for a pricing quote from a mutual friend who's a graphic designer on our save the dates and invitations.

    We're meeting w an officiant next week (we will have a non-religious ceremony at our venue)

    FI family will be in charge of RD, they're OOT so I am giving them an option of 3 places and letting them choose (so far, I only have 2 good options)

    I feel like I have most of the big things done so I'm feeling pretty good. We've decided on Amalfi Coast as HM destination but haven't done any official planning yet

  • Here's a link to our emgagement pics that we did last wknd :)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • disaiak said:

    Here's a link to our emgagement pics that we did last wknd :)

    Those are so cute!!!
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  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    We took a bit of a break from planning after doing an insane amount in October.

    My dress came in which is super exciting. I cant wait to try it on again next week!

    ETA: FI just decided that he wants to DIY the favour boxes.... So guess we will be starting that soon!!
  • IamnowmrsjmsIamnowmrsjms member
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    Thank you, jennyleigh :)
  • SoontobeMrs-That is awesome your dress is already in! I didn't want to take mine off after I said yes to it :) I ordered mine 3 weeks ago and was told it takes 8 months to come in.
  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    disaiak said:
    SoontobeMrs-That is awesome your dress is already in! I didn't want to take mine off after I said yes to it :) I ordered mine 3 weeks ago and was told it takes 8 months to come in.

    Yea they told me it would take abour 3 months, but it only took 6 weeks! Super impressed.
  • disaiak said:

    Here's a link to our emgagement pics that we did last wknd :)

    Great pics.  I love the location you chose for your session.  

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • Thank you, island! We live in Boston so we did some in the park (Boston Common) and others in a part of the city called Beacon Hill. 
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