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Wedding Monograms and Logos - How do I keep it uniform?

Hello all!

For all you brides out there who used a wedding monogram as a "logo" for your wedding day--how did you do it? I would like to place a monogram on things like gift bags, bar napkins, bathroom towels, invitations, etc.  However, I am afraid that my "monogram" will end up in a bunch of different fonts and alignments.

Did you have someone design the monogram and then use a particular website to customize your wedding details? I am at a complete loss for how to approach this!

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Re: Wedding Monograms and Logos - How do I keep it uniform?


    I think you should go easy with the monogram. People know it's your wedding, you don't need your initials on everything. Pick 1-2 things and leave it at that. 

    Plus, your full married name (I assume you're changing your name) monogram shouldn't go on invites since it won't be your name until after the ceremony.

    Just a lurker here, but thank you for addressing the whole new monogram on everything.  I think it's inappropriate to have it everywhere especially prior to the actual wedding ceremony.  I mean, I love monogram stuff, but it can kind of get out of hand if you don't watch it.  I agree with PP just choose a few items to do this with.  Not everything.
  • I have an image that I'm using on some things - invitations, RSVP cards, table numbers. Actually my cake topped ended up with it as well which was actually quite unintentional. The monogram is a new thing and not seen much around here. I wouldn't think you would use your married one until after you are actually married. And then you shouldn't plaster it on everything. By all means order towels for your house with it but you don't need that at your wedding. Be selective.
  • We had a graphic designer create a monogram logo for us with our first initials (I'm not changing my name).  It went on the invitations, menu cards, and program back cover.  That's it.  Don't go overboard.  Ours was part of a bigger graphic design so it wasn't just some block letters over and over, but we still didn't want to keep shoving it in our guests' faces. 
  • things like gift bags, bar napkins, bathroom towels, invitations, etc


    I do not want monograms on all of these things--the list was merely illustrative. My point, I think, is that I am unsure how to go about imprinting a custom monogram on wedding details like these. 

    For example- say I employ a graphic designer to create a custom monogram. What is my next step? I have seen many websites that offer, eg., monogrammed cocktail napkins. However, the couple usually just provides initials and then they are printed in standardized format. This poses a problem because if, eg., I later choose to have a logo printed on thank you cards--the logo will look completely different and the only similarity will be the initials. How do I have my custom logo printed on napkins? I am trying to ensure I have the option of uniformity.

    Are there any companies you have used that apply your custom logo to the items you choose? Should I be sending a JPEG file of the monogram to such a company? I think this clarifies my question.

  • We had a "logo" that my husband, who is a graphic designer, made for us.  It was at the top of our programs, which we printed, and no where else.  If we were going to have it printed by someone else onto anything, we would have sent them an image file.
  • I think you have the option of getting something designed and sending it as an image file to anyone who is printing stuff for you...


    Trying to get everything from the same website/business so they can make sure everything is consistent (for instance, the people who did our invitations also print menus and programs and cocktail napkins and wine bottle labels, etc. I don't know what else!


    Pick a pretty standard font to use for the monogram, and make sure that everything you order you order from websites/businesses that allow you to pick the font you want, and have that font available. They won't match exactly, but it will be close. 
  • I would recommend working with a graphic designer on all of this - most of them have companies/vendors they've worked with in the past for all kinds of products and will know how to get the image to them. 
  • I'd check out Etsy. This sounds like something someone one there would be able to print for you if you have a single color logo.
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  • Thank you so much for all of your advice! It is definitely helpful. I wasn't too sure where to start, but this guidance is great!
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