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Finding the designer!

I started my wedding dress browsing in July this year and I of course was using my smart phone and I screen grabbed this dress. Now that I am going to start the processes of trying them on, I for the life of me cannot find this dress. PLEASE help me!?! I have attached photos I hope someone can help!

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Re: Finding the designer!

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    I tried to Google search your image, but came up empty-handed aside from a cheap online only order knock-off. :(

    Kleinfeld's has a good website where you can search by type of dress and detail (sleeves, skirt, etc.) so you might be able to find it on there - or at least see some other, similar designer options. There is a David Fielden one on there that seems very close to yours (but isn't it).

    How about emailing the photo to a few boutiques in your area? They might know it if no one here is able to help over the next few days.
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    I'm trying to read the text in the pictures.  Does it say "Andy & Shamrock"?
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    Thanks for trying! That is one of the few that I keep getting as well!
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    That is what I thought as well. I guess its back to the thinking table I go!
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    I can not find the pictures on the Internet and also can not see the text on the pictures you post,I just find one wedding dress similar to you,but it less beautiful than yours,here you can have a look Here!
    Responding to a few posts without posting links to throw people off, posts full of punctuation and grammar errors as if you got the text out of Google translate, a profile photo that's a generic stock photo, then you recommend knock-off sites.

    Classic vendor.

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