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Some new venues I ran across

A while ago I asked for some for my son's request for something different. I've been doing some of my own research and thought I'd pass these along. We didn't look at any of them, but in case you want something they seem "different"

Montague Inn in Saginaw. Saginaw may be awful, but this place is nice:

Japanese Cultural Center gardens in Saginaw:

Zingerman's Cornman Farms. It's Zingerman's food, and you can't go wrong:

Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Twp. This is pretty booked, but is different

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Re: Some new venues I ran across

  • I'm getting married at the Proving Grounds in July 2015! YAY!!! I was coming here to mention them, and i am so pleased to see that you did! It is absolutely the DREAM venue for a unique couple! Mary at the PPG has already been so helpful and it is SO affordable! I cant say enough good things about it :)

    I also toured the Montague Inn and that was easily our 2nd pick, but the location of PPG sealed the deal!
    Good luck to everyone looking for a venue! 
  • Good for you mrsknific. I really thought the PPG looked amazing, but my son and his fiance have chosen Belle Isle Casino (which is booked for EVERY Saturday between May & September of next year!). They had to pick a Friday night, but it was their favorite of all the venues in the Detroit area. 
  • @mrsknific I was considering PPV for my wedding and loved Mary when I met with her...very nice. I ended up not picking it because it seemed like there would be way too much work that we would have to do to get it up to wedding standards. At the time when I toured PPV, they had only had a few weddings there and were still renovating the barn and the buildings smelled very musty. I am curious if they have done any more renvovations or improvements since I was there this past June. I would have loved to have it there, it just was a little too rustic for my tastes. Are you doing alot of crafty DIY things for the decor? The entrance way / drive that is lined with trees is a dream for pictures!

    @Sue-n-Kevin I have been to two weddings at the Casino, both a few years ago and both in the winter, but they were amazing! We looked into this for my wedding, because of affordability and location, and because we knew how a beautiful their weddings are. It just wasn't available on my date unfortunately. Hope your son's turns out perfect!



  • Just toured the Packard proving grounds today and toured the Belle isle casino on Wednesday.

    Loved the casino, but it is unavailable from the second week of April through the second week of June because of the Belle isle grand Prix. Also can't book the casino until March 2nd for 2016 and it sounds like it's going to be a crazy mad dash for booking.

    The Packard proving grounds are booked for all Saturdays in May and June of 2016 already! We are looking at doing a Friday there. The venue is so pretty and unique, but it still had really nice bathrooms which is a huge plus.

    I first heard about the ppg as a wedding venue from the op despite growing up in Shelby township. Thanks for getting the word out! Never would have considered it otherwise!
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