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Anybody else going ringless?

I hate my hands, my fingers especially, and they just look ridiculous with rings on them, so I'm not having an engagement ring, or even a wedding ring. My FI has an engagement ring, and we're going to get him a wedding ring too.

So far, everybody has been good with it. My dad's girlfriend thought it was a bit strange, but that's been all the comments we've had on it so far.

Is anybody else not having an engagement ring, or wedding ring?
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Re: Anybody else going ringless?

  • My sister didn't have an engagement ring. They just used a ring she already had for her wedding ring. 

    People look at me like I have 3 eyes when I tell them that. But to each their own. They went on an awesome vacation with the money they saved. If they're happy, that's all that matters.

  • I am not getting a band have an engagement ring.... just cheaper to do it without. my fiance doesnt want one.... still deciding if i should enforce it.
  • My mom has an engagement ring and wedding band, and she never wears them. She wears a huge amethyst ring on her middle finger every day, but I've only ever seen her wear her engagement ring 5 times my whole life and her wedding band maybe 2 times.If you don't want any rings, then don't get them. It's totally up to you.

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  • I'm inclined to just use my engagement ring and no wedding ring. I wear it most of the time, but not always. I will probably continue to do so after we are married. We will probably get my fiance a ring but I doubt he'll wear it all the time. 

    My mother had a wedding ring and she only wears it on special occasions and is usually without a ring. Whereas my father wears his wedding ring all of the time. So I grew up with the idea that no one "has" to wear a wedding ring or that not wearing it all the time is some kind of a faux pas or slight against the spouse. 
  • I get looked at like I have two heads every time I have to tell anyone we are not doing a ring exchange, and there will be no rings. For the record, I do not have two heads.

    My fiancée does not like rings, and would fear losing it if she had one. I have worn my Grandmother's engagement ring on my ring finger for a decade to keep the weirdos away. If I were to get "my own" engagement ring, that would mean I would have to take off my Grandmother's ring. Something that has really become a part of me. So the easy answer for us was to not do rings at all. Our officiant has a great ceremony planned out for us without the rings, and I don't think we will suffer from the lack of tradition. I sure won't feel any loss from not having that particular piece of jewelry. So my suggestion is do what's right for you as a couple. The others may look at you funny, but they don't have to live in your marriage or relationship. It's my commitment that's special... Not the symbol of a committment. I don't need a reminder that I'm marrying the love of my life. It is way more important to have a reminder of my Grandmother, and for her to be a physical part of me.
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    Going without rings is a personal choice.  Bravo for all of you!

    My fiance got me a really simple celtic ring with a london blue topaz because we are having a celtic - themed wedding and blue is my favourite colour.  The fact that it isn't a diamond ring has turned a few heads!  

    For wedding rings we are simply buying off etsy - handmade, silver and celtic - but because it is our preference.

    Glad you are honouring your own preferences and not what society dictates!
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