Eolia Wedding Cost Questions


I'm looking into a late summer/early fall wedding at Eolia Mansion. I know that the cost is $4450 for the 7 1/2 hour total, chairs and tables. However, I'm interested in hearing from others' experience - how much did you pay in final for the venue? Is tax included? Did you pay an additional service charge? Insurance?

In many of the blogs I've looked at for the space, I noticed there is minimal décor due to the natural beauty of the place. Did anyone find they were able to spend less on décor, or flowers, for example? Did anyone find a great caterer for a lower-priced per person option from the approved catering list?

Any and all information would be so great and helpful! Looking for the real low down :)

Ultimately, it seems like a beautiful location. However, it is a bit above our initial budget, so just trying to figure out if there is any way we can swing it! 

Thanks so much!


Re: Eolia Wedding Cost Questions

  • Although I did not use that location, I married somewhere similar. I can say that all the costs really added up! Having a more blank canvas location was great in terms of creativity, but logistically and financially a lot to handle. Good luck!
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