good Boston location for indoor Nov engagement pics?

Hi all,

I'm getting married 9/26/15 at The Dorrance in Providence, RI.  I'm from RI, but FI and I live in Medford and we'd like to do our engagement pics in Boston.

We're meeting the photog I'd like to book next wknd, so our engagement shoot will most likely be in Nov.  Suggestions for good indoor spots for pics? Nov will be cold and I don't want to be freezing taking pics on the Common.  Any suggestions for a nice indoor shoot? Id rather not wait until Spring, so I can use some of the pics for our STD's. TIA

Re: good Boston location for indoor Nov engagement pics?

  • Maybe try one of the museums? Or a restaurant you like to go to that has cool decor? Assume you would have to arrange permission in advance. I'm in a similar timing spot but we'll probably just freeze it out in the public garden or wait until the spring.

  • I was thinking Boston Public Library would be nice, but need to see if they'll allow it as they have weddings on the weekend.  I read on another board that they don't allow flash photography.  Our fave restaurants are pretty "dive-y" LOL

    I may just "freeze it out" too :)

    andrea ri 80
  • I would go with the library, I don't think you'd need a flash in there, I see tonnnns of engagement photos there.  

    I think it would be cool to incorporate your fav dive restaurants into the shoot (not for the whole thing, but a few shots would be cool!)

  • We booked our photog on Saturday (Photography by Caitlin, out of Newport) and scheduled our shoot for 11/15.  Fingers crossed it won't bee too cold out and hopefully no rain! We're going to do some shots on the Common and she suggested doing some shots in the Four Seasons if it gets too cold for us utside!

    My next dilemma-finding an outfit! Thinking a casual dress w leggigs and my brown knee-high leather boots.  Haven't found the right dress yet though. 

    andrea ri 80
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