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Buying Out a B&B For A Wedding

Has anyone ever bought out a B&B for their wedding weekend and hosted their event onsite? I'm curious what we can expect to pay for the ceremony/reception if we're guaranteeing the B&B a full house for the weekend. I realize it depends on the location and demand of the particular venue, but I'm just trying to get a baseline approximation. Has anyone ever done this? Success/failure? Care to share the financial arrangement you had with the B&B? 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Buying Out a B&B For A Wedding

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    As you mentioned, this will vary A LOT based on room cost, time of year, etc. If you have a specific place in mind, you may want to post on that particular local board to see if someone else has inquired about it. However, their contract may very well vary from yours.

    When we were planning our wedding, I contacted our venue and requested the package cost if we just had a room for 4 nights or if we rented out the entire island for 4 nights. There was a slight discount for taking the whole island versus buying out the 6 individual rooms (the resort only has 6 rooms.) We opted to just go with one room as the wedding coordinator recommended that since we did not have any guests attending our wedding and the rest of the resort would have remained empty.


  • Thank you for your insight! I appreciate it. We're headed to Maine next weekend to meet with various venues, including one B&B. It was an 11th hour add after we stumbled upon their website, but my conversation with the innkeeper today was promising. So, we will see what they can offer in terms of capacity, and what they plan to charge. 

    The majority of our family and friends will be coming from California, so we will have no problem filling the B&B. In fact, we will need additional accommodations elsewhere if we do decide to go with this venue. I was just curious if it made a big difference to buy-out the entire place or not. Appreciate your help!
  • My fiance and I are planning a wedding at a B&B in Virginia. We spoke with the owner and they are not charging us any additional fees, just the regular cost of the rooms. We are planning a very small and simple ceremony so we won't be bringing in tents, tables, portapotties, etc or be using a lot of electricity for lights or a DJ. We are only using the B&B for the ceremony and will be having dinner at another location after. 
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