Photographer recommendation!

I am looking at my wedding photos (from two weeks ago) and am so pleased that I wanted to share. We went with Andie Petkus Photography, and she did a fabulous job!  We were initially impressed not only with her photos--which are lovely--but with her low-key attitude and professionalism.  And she never disappointed.  She showed up early and was honest to goodness helpful.  She took some "getting ready photos", and then when we discoverd that my fiance was not yet dressed because he was helping with decorations---she *went to get him in her car*!! And made him close his eyes on the way back so that he wouldn't see me when they drove by (as I walked to the venue).  She was eternally cheerful, game for anything, took lovely photos of practically everyone at the wedding (they all have their famiy christmas card photos, if they want them), and just in general did a smashing, bang up job.  She took 800 good photos in 3+ hours.  AND was extremely affordable.  AND provides discs with all the photos for us to edit/print as we like.  AWESOME.

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