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Theodore Wirth, Golden Valley MN

Hello fellow brides/brides-to-be,

  Just wanted to share some friendly wedding planning advice involving this venue. When my fiancé and I were looking for venues there was little to no information regarding Theodore Wirth. We booked them for our August 2014 wedding and promised to share our experience once our wedding was over so as to help other's make this important wedding day decision.

  The short version: DON'T BOOK HERE!!

  The extended version: First and foremost: the lady in charge of permits for Theodore Wirth (I won't name names...) was difficult to get a hold of and extremely rude whenever we were able to get a hold of her. She was short, unprofessional, rude, and even yelled at my fiancé on the phone when we made a change in the schedule. Granted, we understand schedule changes can be frustrating for vendors and we did not want to cause any trouble, she had no reason to yell at my fiancé and act completely unprofessional. From that point forward I was uncomfortable with our venue and stressed about how we could be treated...no bride should feel that way!!

  The morning of our wedding was a disaster and saved only by my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, our bestman, and my wonderful husband. The staff at Theodore Wirth were completely useless, and if we had relied on them, our reception would have been an even larger disaster. We had talked to the exclusive beverage caterer manager (from PROM catering) about our 'day of schedule' and we had emailed back and forth with the manager of the building WELL IN ADVANCE of the wedding about when we would be arriving to Theodore Wirth to set up our own decorations. Both parties agreed that it was ok for us to come around 0800 in the morning. The manager told us that his cleaners may still be cleaning up from the night before, and we would just have to work around them. We were ok with that. Little did we know...

  When my brother arrived at the reception site at 0800 in the morning the day of my wedding to help decorate, he called my Mom and asked if she was sure this was the location for our reception because the place was "trashed." There were dozens and dozens of empty cups/soda bottles/beer bottles outside and cigarette butts EVERYWHERE! There was ONE teenage boy sweeping the inside; which was the supposed "cleaning crew." The bathrooms were trashed with toilet paper and condoms, there was trash everywhere inside and outside the venue, and MY FAMILY HAD TO CLEAN THE RECEPTION SITE THEMSELVES THE DAY OF MY WEDDING! The manager was completely unprofessional and had to be approached a few times in order for him to finally start helping with the cleaning process (apparently he was too busy gossiping downstairs). My family was completely wonderful and did not let on that anything was wrong while I was getting ready. I had no idea what had happened that morning. When I arrived at the reception site they had decorated it perfectly and while I noticed some cleaning issues, it look wonderful regardless. They worked SO hard! I felt horrible though once I found out how much work they put into it and that our money was apparently worthless to these people. It explained why my mother's hair was flat and make-up was smeared when she arrived to the church to help me get into my dress. No mother of the bride should have to go through that :( Thank the Lord for my wonderful family!!

  If you don’t want yourself or your family stuck with these horrible circumstances on your special day, don't book here. Spend a few hundred dollars more for a place with higher standards, better staff, and reputable outcomes. You're working hard for your special day to be amazing...don't let something like this get in the way.

  Hope this helps. I wish there had been a review like this before booking my venue. We would have gone with option B in a heartbeat.

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