Mt. Hood Venue?!

My name is Staci. I am getting married on January 12th, 2013 in the Mt. Hood area. I would love to be able to just rent a romantic cabin that is big enough to have the wedding there, prefferably with a nice outside area. We would like to have the ceremony outside in the snow, reception inside. I cannot find one! I would even be willing to have the reception in a banquet hall in the area. Must be able to fit 80-100 people. And we have a caterer already FREE as a wedding present, so it would have to be some where that they allow outside catering. Any suggestions?!!

Re: Mt. Hood Venue?!

  • I have heard good things about Mt Hood Organic Farms but don't know about how/if they do winter weddings, or about their catering situation. 

    You might check in Hood River- it seems like a lot of the Gorge/Mt Hood places focus mostly on summer & doing things outdoors, so you might have more luck in town. The place we're getting married does do winter weddings but the seated maximum is 36, and I think a lot of the smaller venues can be like that. I know 4 couples who've gotten married on Mt Hood in winter but all of them have been at Timberline or Silcox Hut, and they do in-house catering only.
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  • Mt. Hood Organic Farms has an exclusive caterer, so I wouldn't go there.  They also were pretty expensive.

    You should check Mt. Hood B&B.

    Also - try calling Mt. Hood Winery - they will let you bring in your own caterer but they do not have a full kitchen (just warming ovens, etc.).  The way the owner described it was that you can bake the cookies but not make the cookie dough.
  • Mt Hood B&B for sure.

    Also, please don't subject your guests to an outdoor ceremony in January.  Take all the outdoor pictures you want, but don't make your guests be out there.  I would be pretty annoyed if I were a guest and ended up outdoors in the snow in my dress clothes.  And, unless it's unseasonably warm, I wouldn't be dressed to be outside for more time than it takes to get from the car to the door of a building.
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