Old St. Mary's

Has anyone recently been married or know someone who was married at Old St. Mary's?  What were the cost and process leading up to the wedding like?  I know I could just call them about the cost but I'm interested to hear what it was like from a bride.  Any info would be appreciated!  Thanks!


  • I am looking there too as they are one of the only Catholic churches in philly that will do a Sunday wedding! I haven't contacted them yet but I'll keep you posted once I get some info!
  • Old St. Mary's sent me some info in the mail.  It's $800 (can't remember if that includes the organist or not) which is awesome.  The thing that sucks though is they don't like to do weddings after 2 on a Sunday.  That timing can be okay for a Sunday wedding but we want our reception to start around 5 so guests would have an awkward 2 hour wait in between. 
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