Song ideas for memorial of parents....

My fiance' and I are going to recognize his mother and my father who have passed away at the beginning of our ceremony.  We have a vase with a very fitting poem etched on it.  We will place the favorite flowers of each of our parents in it.  Should we play some sort of music while doing this & if so, what are some good recommendations?  I have just run myself in circles trying to find something.  Thanks in advance!

Re: Song ideas for memorial of parents....

  • The vase and flowers is a lovely idea to remember your father and your fiance's mother.  It doesn't take much time to do that, so probably no song would work best.  

  • You could play a song at the reception (if you decide that the flower recognition you are doing is too short for a song)  and have the DJ state that it is honor of both of the people you have lost. I love "Here comes the Sun" By the The Beatles, it reminds me of my "Pop" every time I hear it I get a little misty.
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