DIY or order invites?

Hello ladies,

I was just wondering how you all did you invites? Did you order them or have them printed off and DIY?


Re: DIY or order invites?

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    We ordered our and then put them all together. They weren't too intricate, but I did get some double sided tape and had to put a few things together. My Mom and I did it on an afternoon together, so it was a fun time. Less money too, but I'm cheap and don't like to pay people to do easy stuff like that for me.

    ETA - Look at how intricate your invites are and how good you are with putting them together.  Also, do you have the time to put them together??

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    We ordered our invitations through our wedding planner.  They ended up being a great price!  Custom Tri-fold pocket invitations with envelopes, ceremony card, back mount, two inserts and they are gorgeous!  Best part they only cost us about $6.50 each.

    I considered doing them myself but it would have taken so much time!  Cutting, folding, mounting, ordering and time...  The cost wouldn't have saved us that much for the quantity we needed.
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    My sister DIY'ed mine for me as a wedding present and they turned out amazing! 
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    I'm super cheap or "frugal" if you will.. So far the best price I've found is Vista Print.  They have a ton of cute invitations and you can make them your own or completely create your own!  They have lots of options too.  

    So now I just need to figure out what it would cost to DIY and compare the price vs. how much time I'm willing to put into them :)
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    I'm a printmaker and I'm making mine letterpress! :D
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