reception venues yamhill county

anyone know of any small venues in the willamette valley, yamhill county area? very, very limited budget, but please help if you can!

Re: reception venues yamhill county

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    How limited is limited? There's the Grand Ballroom in downtown Mac of course. I know that there is a senior/community center at one of the bigger parks that's inexpensive and has a full kitchen you can use if you wanted/needed to do your own food. The McMinnmens in Mac will also waive the room fee if you order so much in food and drinks. I only really know McMinnville in that area, but if you are on a really tight budget I would look into community centers and city parks.
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    check out vista hills vineyard (www.powersoregon.com)
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    The Grand Ballroom in Mac is really nice. We had prom there my Junior year and it's pretty large, has a kitchen area, and if I remember right it only cost $1500-$2000 for an entire Saturday in late April! Parking is terrible, though. I've been looking into Vista Hills, myself, though.
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