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Holy crap, I have 17 days to GO.

I literally can't even contain my happiness. I feel like this has been the MOST intense year trying to plan and coordinate everything and ON TOP of that, getting my Wedding and Event Coordinator certification. It's different when you're planning your own! I've saved some little DIY things for last like the table settings, boutonnières, and that's pretty much it! Our shower was this past weekend and was a complete success! So happy my FMIL and mom (also my MOH) tag teamed on this one. My mom isn't much of a planner, so it was perfect for her not to feel like everything was on her. Is anyone else getting nervous about vows? I'm like a compulsive crier. I cry when I'm pretty much every emotion. My fiancé is not really a public speaker either so we're sharing in the nerves for sure. This weekend is my bachelorette party in Vegas! So I'm excited for that, but just can't believe the whole process is coming to end and I'm about to be a married woman! How has anyone else's last month or couple months of planning been going?

Re: Holy crap, I have 17 days to GO.

  • Im 19 days out (well, closer to 18) and I just want to pay people!  Take my money already!

    I am worried I will cry too.  I am actually debating buying special mascara because EVERYTHING is smudging on me lately no matter how waterproof it claims to be and false lashes just arent in the cards right now.  

    I am still deciding on my hair.  One more bridesmaid needs to grab her dress (she's the last to get altered), FI and I need to figure out our first dance song, I need to grab candy for assembling's just a ton of little things.  Every day I try to do something that helps.  We are okay for timing things, and we haven't felt rushed during the process.

    Congrats on your certification!  And enjoy your bachelorette!
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  • I need to get bathroom basket stuff, print out our programs, finish the seating chart and escort cards (which I can't finish until I have all of the responses- grrr), make our favors (that's this weekend's project), make a few little signs (for the guest book, the bar, and the bath baskets), and finish the OOT bags.  I have a final fitting this weekend and then they'll hold onto my dress and press it for me (so I can now have nightmares that they're going to burn my dress into ashes the night before the wedding). I have to decide on hair and book a hair/ makeup appointment (I think I'm skipping a trial). 

    I was about to add that I have 30 days, and then I remembered that all of our stuff has to go to the venue for November 1st at our final walk-through. So other than attire and flowers it all has to be there in 18 days.  We're okay timing-wise though, I'm not stressing. Yet. 

    @goldchocobo, I swear by Benefit They're Real! mascara (<- clicky)  It's worth every penny. The link is for the full-size but they make a travel size that's about 10$ and that's what I bought for the wedding/ honeymoon. 
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  • I tried that one and I like it, but I also like Blinc too.  Decisions, decisions, LOL!  FI is probably sick of my makeup chatter by now.
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  • OMGGG that Benefit mascara is so magical.  LOL.  I was using this Make Up For Ever that is not waterproof and I love that too, but then I got a sample of the Benefit and I'm hooked.  Also if you need an eyeliner recommendation, I can't stop talking about the Stila liquid liner.  I cannot believe how that stuff stays on.

    Tell us about Vegas!  Where are you staying?

    Also, I wonder about vows too.  We haven't fully had a conversation about adding our own vows, I sort of think I can't.. I am not a compulsive crier but weddings are a totally different story.  I can witness the wedding of strangers and cry.. it's so sad.  So either I won't cry one tear at my own, or I'll be a sobby mess.  We'll see.. 
  • WOOOO!!!

    I haven't had luck with Benefit, they turned my lashes into lash-crispies!!  (It does look amazing, however!)  I'm currently obsessed with the Dior mascara.. I will probably buy the Dior Show waterproof or Urban Decay's waterproof (I'm pretty sure it's called Cannonball).

    Today is the one month mark for me!  Yesterday I had a small freak out because I had told FMIL that I would send out invitations for the RD for her (she is hosting) and my printer was EATING ALL OF THE PAPER... and it's brand new!  I said fuck it, and I'm e-mailing the invitations.

    I still have a bunch to do- write the ceremony, write vows, etc., etc...

    This weekend I at least got some attire stuff cleared up! 

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  • I have 30 days to go. I feel like I'm in crunch time but really I just need the rest of the money for dinner. We only have 5 guests plus my son, daughter and us so it's not like i have a ton of stuff to do. Really a simple wedding.

    My FI dad has gotten on my nerves lately though. He's pissed we aren't inviting our siblings (space and budget issues). He was comparing our wedding to FI brothers and i guess he felt his side of the family wasn't properly represented. It doesn't help that I'm still pissed at him for calling everyday and freaking out when my daughter was born (she was premature and in the nicu and everyday he'd call asking when she'd get out..i just gave birth and hormones and stuff lead to very bad postpartum anxiety). That was 2 months ago. FI and I have been fighting about him.

    at any rate in about 2 weeks my dress will be ready...thoughsince it's been hemmed I'm not as in love with it as I looks a little weird. Then it's off to get dry cleaned. My son needs a hair cut, I need to pay the remaining balance on the photographer, my daughter (may) need a dress...i think that covers everything...?
  • I need to get my printer fixed too!  Mine is not printing black ink :( I think the print head is clogged.  I really want to print out my vows and table arrangement stuff.  

    Hopefully I get to pick up my dress on Saturday.  I really don't want to wait until the 25th....
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  • Well, ladies here we are. Another day closer to the big day. I think my count is at 16 today. These numbers and their trickery. I'm so tired of counting down. I've been counting down since like a year ago. Let's get this show on the road!!!!!

    So, about VEGAS!!!! It's just me and my mom going. She's enough party for like 3409834 people. We're leaving out from Dallas this Saturday morning and we will be coming back Tuesday morning at 12 am. It's crazy flying there because the flight times are either really early in the morning or really late at night. We took what we could get. Staying at the MGM Grand! Pretty excited... besides this whole Ebola thing and my mom being a health-freak nurse.

    Favors are so frustrating. Glad I got those little shits out of the way... LOL I feel for ya.

    The way my officiant explained vows is something i'll never forget. "Some of your guests are coming from hundreds of miles away to see you get married. They want to feel like part of your love story." I just know i'll cry but I'm going to make it through. If yall want I can post what I have so far:)

    LADIES FREAKING OUT ABOUT HAIR/MAKEUP. check out Ulta. They run a special where they will do your primping FOR you and you can use ANY COSMETICS IN THE ULTA store, all included in the price. It's like 70 dollars and SOOOO worth it.


  • Random--a friend of mine flew yesterday and said there were like 6 people with face masks on LOL.  Okay not funny, can't be too safe I guess.  But still.

    Vegas will be great!  Man I love it there.  Adult playground.. I have a craps addiction though, I think I could stand there for hours (as long as I was winning) if my friends weren't like, okay stop it let's go.
  • LADIES FREAKING OUT ABOUT HAIR/MAKEUP. check out Ulta. They run a special where they will do your primping FOR you and you can use ANY COSMETICS IN THE ULTA store, all included in the price. It's like 70 dollars and SOOOO worth it.

    *Stuck in the box*  

    Sephora does this too- it's called a CMA and all you need to do is purchase $50+ in product. :)

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  • Today we paid off the venue and the DJ.  I also finalized my escort cards and seating.  Yesterday I picked up my dress and arranged it on the bed and covered it with a plastic bag so the crinoline won't bunch up.  It will sit at my mom and dad's for 12 more days before it makes the journey to the venue, where it will hide in my mother's room until the wedding day.  

    Guys, the final fitting was awesome.  I fit better in it than when I got it pinned for alterations on August 23rd.  Turns out I keep forgetting to eat :(  I think my 31 day alcohol detox is working in my favor as well.  

    I put off song selections until last night, when FI and I started hammering through song after song, trying to pick something that we were comfortable with.  Finally we settled on a song from Final Fantasy 8 fir our first dance song.  

    Also,  at the last minute, I picked my ceremony entrance song to be a Legend of Zelda theme.  
    My DJ was thrilled to do this for us.  She's so cool.

    Another weekend down!  
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  • We had a shower last weekend with his fam.. super casual bbq shower, but nice to see everyone.  So surreal that we were like, see you at the wedding!  when we left (it was in CA, we're in AZ).  Now we're 25 days out.  I have this feeling of severe anxiety like, stuck in my throat.  Not bad anxiety, just... SUPER anticipation.  Aghhh.  

    Everything is done though, except for paying for the bar at the wedding and a few touch-ups on decor.  YAY!  I listened to my processional song today and was like WAAAAAHHHHH except I'm at work so it was all internal.  This one:  I can already imagine this moment so vividly.  It's crazy.

    Anyway, hope you're all hanging in there.  Can't believe the first of us is just 12 days away?!
  • @jaime232 I love it!!

    (How do you embed videos?  I can never do it right!)
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  • I have no idea!  I just pasted the link and when I posted my reply it showed up LOL.  
  • The Legend of Zelda, SO AWESOME!!! My fiancé would love that. He's a Zelda fanatic! And I'm using the same processional song from the same video Jaime! Lol that's funny.

    BACK FROM VEGAS! So exhausted and in bed at 9 every night from all the sight seeing. Not to mention they're behind two hours so it was technically 11 Texas time. For being 21, I'm such a party animal. :D

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    I guess I'm stalking this board because I'm going through total withdraw. My wedding was last weekend, October 18th. But I just thought I'd mention... I thought I was going to be crying all day at my wedding. I was so emotional and cried several times throughout the planning process only thinking about it. I'm also someone who will cry at a strangers wedding. However, not a single tear at my own!! I was on the verge of crying as I walked down the aisle, but it never turned into anything. So you never know!! I'm so excited for you all!! Good luck ladies!
  • lol  @hkda2003 I lurked the October board too, to see what I was up against.  You sisters were guiding me, even though you didn't know it.

    (I bought waterproof mascara, but Im more worried about my face going red as a beet!)
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  • Oh maaaan when this thread started I felt so far out.  18 days now.  
  • I KNOW OMG.... 5 days now for me and I had my first emotional meltdown in THE WHOLE PLANNING PROCESS today because I just started feeling so overwhelmed of "all the stuff left to do," but my mom calmed me down and told me to list the things she could help with and I could only think of 2 left. I think we get so used to freaking out and stressing that we start to do it for no reason. Or maybe I'm speaking for myself. -_- LOL
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