Jessica Candage Make Up

Hi everyone!

Wondering if anyone has used Jessica Candage for hair/makeup? I would only be using her for make up as my regular hair stylist will be doing our hair. Her before/afters look amazing, but... she is expensive for just make up! Wondering if she's as good as her website makes her look. Looking for some first-hand experiences!

Re: Jessica Candage Make Up

  • I've only seen her website as well.  You may also want to check in with From This Day Forward.  They also travel to you and do amazing work (airbrush).  The pricing has always been very affordable, at least in the past couple of years, so you might want to see if they've gone up.  Good luck! 
  • I've already booked Jessica, but thanks for the response!
  • I've seen and heard that she is GREAT!
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