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2nd post with Pics! We did it!

I quickly posted yesterday but it was pretty vague.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


But here’s the run down of our wedding and anything I learned.


Sunday was  amazing!


My MUA and her assistant took a little longer then expected. We left my house for the venue close to 20 minutes late but we were getting to our venue 2+ hours early to do a first look and bridal party pictures.


I couldn’t find my groom and photographer for our first look at first lol! We were gonna do it on a dirt road at first but our photographer said lighting wasn’t good and moved them to another area of our venue. He told me where to go but I still went the wrong way J


We did the first look then I had my groom  grab our wedding party and we did pictures with the whole wedding party. I wanted to be done by 3:30 in case guests started arriving but we ended up hanging outside for more pictures a little later and a few guests saw me before the ceremony.


Our ceremony started close to 30 min late. Our venue tries to make sure all our guests are there. We were missing my grandfather and his wife. There was an accident/traffic so I think that’s why but he also lived the closest to our venue but oh well. It was perfect and quick. No more then 10 minutes. Just the way we wanted.


After our ceremony we took pictures with our families. Our bridal party was able to go enjoy cocktail hour which is what we wanted and thought they deserved. Groom and I also took a few more pictures of just us then we attended the last 15-20 min of cocktail hour as well. I was so happy about that!


Our reception was wonderful. We walked into Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and our first dance was John Legends “All of Me”. Funny thing was when our DJ started to play “All of Me” “Enter Sandman” was playing at the same time. OOPS. Also, another hilarious thing that happened. We had a photo booth that the venue provided and my sister and her family asked to go in it prior to it opening. (Flower girl & ring bearer are our niece and nephew) Since they weren’t staying the whole reception the guy at the booth let them in. obviously they print out little strips and that say Bride & Groom with the wedding date. Well apparently they put the wrong grooms name. I laughed so hard but they immediately fixed it.


We also found out I screwed up the seating at one table and they were short two seats but it was quickly fixed. Our day of coordinator and also the person assigned to take care of us the whole day were both FANTASTIC. They made sure we felt like the most important people there. Constantly checking on us, asking us if we needed drinks, something to eat. They also made sure to take care of our parents which was so wonderful.


Literally the best day of our lives.


Here’s some tips/what I learned:


·         Do not stress about minor things the day of. You might run late. Your flower girls hair might be a mess or she might be playing and your thinking she’s gonna hurt herself. Everything will be fine.

·         Have someone who is not in the wedding party be around the morning/afternoon of to help with things. I cannot stress this enough. I didn’t really have this person planned but my brother in law came over with my sister and her kids the morning of while we got ready. He was amazing. He was my go to guy. He made my breakfast. Packed the limo with everything. When we left he cleaned my house! Grabbed parents cards I forgot! SO awesome.

·         Take a moment to just take it all in. Once we sat down at the reception we sat back and just looked around. Everything looked so beautiful. I was so happy to see so many people there who loved us.

·         If you do not want to make trips to every table do a receiving line. We opted for this and it worked out beautifully.

·         Take pictures prior! We were able to mingle with guests more because of this! If you don’t mind seeing your groom prior then do it! My groom stayed with my the night before so we broke quite a few traditions lol


photo 3EE37B50-3E3F-438E-9FE3-46DDE0CCAECD_zpsgvx0sazv.jpg'>Sneak peak from our photographer


photo 2588E621-A16A-4B13-A554-C5DE6A239CB8_zpsx4r6tpym.jpg'>Photo from one of our guests


photo 79EB96AA-932B-4834-B612-5DC55C774002_zpsdx0scfwm.jpg'>Cake toppers :)



Re: 2nd post with Pics! We did it!

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