XP: how to include song during ceremony?

I need some advice!

My fiance and I are getting married June 20, 2015... We are meeting with our ceremony musicians to figure out some details. I'll give a bit of background to you first.  It is a same-sex wedding, in a non-religious setting, with an officiant who is open to whatever.  We chose a processional song and a recessional song, and LOVE the choices we made.  We have a song that we would really like included in our day somehow, but we just can't figure out what we would do while the musicians play it.

The song is "Same Love" by Mary Lambert (Mackelmrore & Ryan Lewis)... not the rap part though.  A simple, lovely piano version... Like this one <-------

Problem: We aren't huge fans of "unity ceremonies" like candles, sand, or wine bottle/love letter time capsule kinda things. .... mainly because the whole ceremony is a unity ceremony.... why include an awkward sand pouring that I have to figure out where to put on my mantle?  Anyway.... 

The song is meaningful to us and we want to include it.  Is there some way that you've seen/done that isn't strange?  It isn't really a great "dancing" song----  I thought of just playing it at our reception to dance to it... but its not that kind of song. 

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