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Tall White Flower centerpieces!!!

I am using .tall skinny vases and want all white flowers. To save money, I want to buy in bulk and do my own arrangements. I attached a photo of a centerpiece that I like the idea of. First off, what flowers are used in that? And secondly, I'm looking for flowers similar to those possibly that would also look good in the bridemsiads bouquets

And if possible, by a guess how many stems of the flowers and bouquets would I need??? I'm fine with using green fillers also :)

Thanks girls!

Re: Tall White Flower centerpieces!!!

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    The flowers inside the vase look like calla lilies and I think the other flowers are white dendrobium orchids.
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    You could possibly accomplish the top flower effect with gladiolus flowers. They might run cheaper than the orchids.

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    doeydo's right about the flowers.

    As for how many stems you need, that is something that you need to do a trial for.  Just know that those are pretty large arrangements and in a florist would probably cost you about $150 a piece (if not more depending on where you are located).

    For the bouquets I would suggest just doing a grouping of calla lilies.  I would suggest using mini callas in the bouquets because regular callas are freaking large.  If you want to use regular callas you could just have your girls carry one.

    How many centerpieces are you needing to do?  Do you have the space to construct them all and store them?  Do you have the space to store all the flowers?  Luckily with the orchids they generally come with the end of the stems in water tubes so they don't need to be cut and placed in water, just leave them in the box they come in and store in a cool, dark area.

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    How do you feel about throwing in some baby's breath as filler? Calla lillies are pretty expensive, from what I've seen-even from bulk retailers, and baby's breath could cut down on the cost and also make the arrangements look fuller. 

    Delphinium could work well too, they are really full stems:

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    I had tall full sized calla centerpieces for my first wedding. I used mini callas for the bouquets. My bouquet was pink, but the BM's bouquets and guys' bouts were white. I had a florist do them, so I can't tell you the counts (that, and it was 10 years ago. LOL)


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    I wasn't going to put any flowers inside the middle part of the vase. But I appreciate all the feedback!! I have 20 tables that I need centerpieces for. I don't necessarily need it that full and extravagant

    Here's aanother picture that I really love, I have no idea what green fillers I would need to use or what flowers. This one looks like it would be fairly cheaper :)

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    Be careful with tall vases and tall flowers. Your guests will want to SEE and talk to each other at the table.
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    Wrangling 20 tall centerpieces with flowers you've never worked with might be difficult to pull off, considering logistics and time. 

    Like Maggie mentioned, where will you be storing everything for this and who (and how) will be transporting it all? Will you have sufficient time to get it all done without burning yourself out? Who will set it up the day of? Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding things, but it sounds like you're not familiar with flowers at all, and this seems like a really ambitious first project. Not to say that it's not possible or that it won't look beautiful, but it might be an instance where you should consider the time spent vs. money saved. 

    Maggie0829 is the resident expert on all things floral, and she might have a better idea of if this is realistic or not, but to me, this sounds like it could be more trouble than it's worth. 

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