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Outdoor venues with cabin rentals/cottages/inns nearby in or near Asheville NC?


I am freshly engaged (wahoo!) and my fiance and I are looking for a spot where we can celebrate into the night, surrounded by friends and family.  We are going to have a wide variety of ages in family members and want to find a spot that has lodging nearby, ideally walkable.  In our dream situation there is an outdoors venue where we can feast and dance and people can go 'home' for the night as they wish.  It would also have spots/be open to camping, as we have a few friends who would be into this option.  We don't want people to have to think about driving and love the idea of everyone being together.

I got really enthused about the summer camp option-but then it occurred to us that those itty little bunkbeds wouldn't be awesome for some bigger guests (fiance's brother is 6"4 or so, and we have guests who will want something more comfortable).  Any thoughts on that?  I suppose if we found a summer camp with an inn nearby and could provide rides that would still work?

Any other ((future or present) brides around Asheville NC?

Re: Outdoor venues with cabin rentals/cottages/inns nearby in or near Asheville NC?

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    Check out Cataloochie Ranch:

    It sounds perfect for what you are looking for. I photographed a wedding there. The ceremony, reception, and after party all happened there and no one had to leave the grounds. Everyone had their own cabins. It's about 40 minutes outside Asheville.

  • The Farm in Candler has several cabins on site, and a large hotel close by (although not walking distance) that can accomodate the rest. (You may want to party all night with your closest family and friends, but Grandma and your fiance's boss may best be housed elsewhere!) Lake Eden Events and Deerfields have cabins and camping, I believe. Rumbling Bald Resort, Bear Lake Reserve, and Fontana Village are large resorts with a number of lodging options. Good luck!
  • Check out Memory Mountain at Wolf Laurel...about 30 minutes north of Asheville. Has 5 HUGE cabins onsite and tons of options for wedding and reception sites including a beautiful hand built log chapel. It also includes pretty much any decoration you could dream of and access to all 200 acres for any events you chose to hold for no additional cost. We are doing events Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for less then what we would have paid just for the ceremony/reception at another venue.
  • Lake lure inn or rumbling bald resort
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