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photographer for bride with glasses

Hello Everyone and happy planning!

i am a bride who refuses to wear contacts for my wedding. my fiance fell in love with me wearing glasses, why would i mess with my identity?!

but i'm having trouble finding photographers who have experience with this. all suggest that "we take some with glasses and some without". i understand the risks of having a glare, and i know that during my ceremony i won't be able to adjust to get a better angle, but i feel like a great photographer should be able to work with my posed pictures after the ceremony.

in the los angeles/ventura county areas: any brides who wore glasses for their wedding have advice or referrals? does anyone know a photographer who can meet my needs?!?!  any photographers out there reading this that can help me out?

i'm starting to think this is hopeless. :(

Re: photographer for bride with glasses

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    I wear glasses full time and have never had this be an issue in my entire life, nor in my wedding photos.

    The photoshop probably just want to give you variety, it likely has little to do with glare.
  • I just got married in October and wore my glasses ( There wasn't even discussion with my photographer about my glasses. A professional photographer shouldn't be concerned with glasses, that is insane to me. I dabble in portrait photography myself, and I never once thought about there being an issue with my clients. For our engagement photos, I did take a small handful without my glasses, just to see what it looks like. But ultimately, I don't think I look like myself without my glasses so they stayed on for the wedding. I don't regret it for a moment, and am in love with my pictures. 

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