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Hello my amazing NOLA brides... Since I'm new to the area, I have a few questions about booking a second line. I'm hoping you'll all have some good thoughts!

1. How long did you make your 2nd line?  One of the ceremony venues we're looking at is 2 blocks from the reception venue - how much should we extend the route, and how should we decide where to go?  Is this something NOPD basically dictates?

2. Did any of you have your 2nd line band play at your reception?  We're thinking of having them play for the first hour or two of the reception, and then do a DJ/ipod to save $$ (rather than booking a second reception band) - did any of you do this, and how did it go?

3. Prices... we're being quoted $750 for the 2nd line and $1250 for a whole hour (ie, including cocktail) - this is around the going rate?

4. Did any of you arrange the permit on your own?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

Re: Second Line

  • Our band (Kinfolk) said they're about 30-40 minutes.  And they were priced around what you were quoted.  That's sufficient time to have a second line and any longer might be over-kill.  We sent in our permit and then it's sent to the officer who will get back to us the week before to coordinate route/payment.  When you're mapping it out, be sure to look at google maps to make sure you're going with the flow of traffic for your route since you'll be parading through the streets. 
  • Aeb74, thank you!  That's all good to know.  We're thinking of Kinfolk too - they sound great!  Can I ask what made you choose them in particular?  I'm still learning about all this :)
  • You're welcome!  As far as how we selected them, we just looked around at a few and these guys looked like the real deal!   Richard is the guy we deal with.  They also have a website with full videos.  And, FYI--in case you're not familiar with how things are down south, they're much more laid back than some places!  We're from Chicago and I'm fairly "Type-A", and if I didn't know things were at a different pace down there than here, I could have panicked a few times.  Certain vendors may be laid back.  Kinfolk was one of them, but I've not heard one bad thing about them, so keep that in mind too!  :)
  • Here's the link with for the permit.  We emailed ours in and Wanda Bryant got back to us with whatever questions she had for us.  She didn't take payment right away--she said we'll pay the officer she passes this along to when we coordinate for the police escort.  Plan on about $300 for that FYI.

  • Thank you so much!  This is all really helpful - you are awesome :)
  • You're welcome!  Did you find somewhere for parasols yet?
  • Not yet! I kind of want to wait until I get my dress first, so I have an idea of the look I'm going for?  My fiance said he didn't want a parasol... and I sort of like this style (they're like ~$20 on Amazon...http://www.amazon.com/Wedding-Umbrella-Victorian-Accessory-Decoration/dp/B00DSW56L0/ref=pd_sim_lg_10?ie=UTF8&refRID=1QN7HSW6GBC4532SYACM )... but I think it'll depend a bit on the dress.

    I was going to get some paper parasols from Oriental Trading for my wedding party... just confirming with my fiance which colors :).  We are still sorting out venues at this point so all of that stuff is taking a bit of a backseat :)

    What about you, what are you doing for parasols?
  • 1. Our second line lasted 30 minutes and with all of the high heels at the wedding, that was plenty!

    2. We did not have them play afterwards, but we did hire a DJ.  R&B DJ services was awesome.

    3. This is about right!  We hired the Young Pinstripes for the 30 minute second line and they were a bit more reasonable and absolutely awesome!

    4. We did not - Our wedding planner arranged the permit for us through Eddie Selby.  I saw a review saying that he was difficult to work with, but he was great for us!  We also hired pedi-cabs through him for those guests that were not able to walk for a full 30 minutes.  [email protected]
  • I agree on waiting on parasols until you have your dress picked out.  Makes perfect sense!  Because we're traveling, I had an option to either ship ours to the hotel, or travel with them.  Then, I found New Orleans Umbrella Company on Etsy, and the woman actually has her stuff in a store in the French Quarter (Lost & Found, on Chartres).  We ordered ours, she'll have them there for us to pick up at the store (and pay there).  Just a thought for you....for us, it is much better to pick them up there and it doesn't seem that a lot of shops in the Quarter carry them.  :)
  • @geauxwed, thanks for all the info! and @Aeb74, I'm totally going to check her out - thank you!
  • The best part about where the shop is located at is its close proximity to my favorite bloody mary place.  haha!   ultra convenient!  ;)
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