Manzanita centerpieces for sale

I have 18 manzanita branch lighted wedding centerpieces for sale.  The branches have been painted black with silver glitter, and are mounted in black terracotta pots.  The decorations are acrylic crystals, and miscellaneous blue and purple birds, butterflies, flowers, etc.  The pots are decorated with Royal Blue satin ribbon and jeweled ribbon as an accent.  Two of the centerpieces have oyster ribbon and white accents, as they were part of the head table decor. All centerpieces are lighted with two strands of soft white moon lights, which are LED lights on thin wire with a small, concealable battery pack. 

Also included are the black filler rocks and acrylic filler crystals we used, and about fourteen round mirror bases.  I also have extras of the decorations that we added.

The colors and decorations are easy to replace.  We bought used for $500 and added the lights, mirrors and changed all the ribbons and decorations.  We also have a custom pickup truck bed liner that can hold 12 of the centerpieces for safe and easy transport.

$450 for the lot.  [email protected]
Located in Clarkston, MI.



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