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Catholic/Jewish wedding... help!

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Knot! I am Catholic, marrying a Jewish man. He does not practice at all, but we would both like to respect his family and honor their beliefs and traditions. I know that I will need a dispensation form from my church in order for my marriage to be valid. However, finding the officiants is a task proving difficult. I have so much anxiety about finding our officiants, more so than any other aspect to planning our wedding. I believe it would be difficult for me to find a Catholic priest willing to marry us outside of a church, and in an interfaith ceremony. Does anyone have any guidance for me? We are getting married in October 2015, on the North Fork of Long Island. Any help would be appreciated. I was thinking perhaps a Deacon or a Minister? And we would like to have an officiant from both faiths to perform the ceremony, as opposed to a non-denominational or otherwise "interfaith" officiant. Thank you so much in advance, I will now continue to stress while I eagerly await your responses!

Re: Catholic/Jewish wedding... help!

  • If you want your marriage to be valid through the church, you must go through the process with them. They will guide you to what you need to take care of, including the dispensations and so forth. If he doesn't practice his faith at all, why not simply get married in the Catholic church? 

  • Thanks for your reply @agapecarrie, and thanks for the suggestion. That's a good question! It's mostly because he wants to respect his family, who practice their religion, which I can understand.
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