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From UK - hopefully getting married in New York

Hi everyone,

I live in the UK and am (hopefully) getting married in NYC in 2016.

I have looked at Central Park and I know you need to get your permit at the beginning of the year, and flights come out a year in advance.

My worry is that what I want will be booked ahead if I wait until a year to 10 months before the wedding to have things booked, such as photographer and 'reception' venue (although I will probably end up going to a restaurant as there won't be many guests) - any advice?
I know some people book everything then book their flights and hotel when they are available but I think that would also worry me - what if my dates don't fit?!

Any advice? I'm just in a pickle about where to start!

Re: From UK - hopefully getting married in New York

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    You might be able to get better advice on the local NYC board. Please let me know if you would like for me to move your post. 


  • Hi,

    If you are able to move it that'd be great - thank you.
  • I'm dealing with a great planner in nyc.

    You really need a point person in NYC to get a lot of the details done.
    Best wishes!
  • If you are only going to a restaurant with a few guests you don't need to plan that far out in advance.  You would only need to plan far out in advance if you want to book a really popular photographer, but if you aren't that picky about it, there are tons to choose from.  
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