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Nevada-Las Vegas

Meet & Greet $1000

I want to do a Meet & Greet for $1000 for about 40 people (not sure if this number will actualy show up but it's the max). I would prefer a place that doesn't have a minimum. I want to at least provide 2 drinks and if there's money left over then food. It will be from 3-6pm. I was thinking of just hitting a happy hour spot but haven't found much for a Friday afternoon. Any recommendations?
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Re: Meet & Greet $1000

  • Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip was awesome when I was working with them.  I almost signed a contract with them until we decided to have the Meet & Greet at Mandalay Bay instead.  Laura is the contact there that you should talk to.  No minimums, at least when I was planning a few months ago and for your budget you could probably add in a bunch of appetizers and stuff along with the drinks.
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  • I don't remember what else you have planned, but we are doing a pizza party in suite.  We are getting the alcohol ourselves.  We expect that it will be pretty cost effective.
  • @dbacksgirl Did you have any issues with getting guests to MB? Most of our guests are staying at Flamingo so I was worried it would be a trek for them. I will look into hardrock.

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  • No problems with guests.  A lot of people WALKED!  Crazy to me, but for some, especially that hadn't been to Vegas before, they just enjoyed it.  Weather was really nice.  Others cabbed it or had rental cars but nobody complained and we had a great time at the party so it all worked out fine.  The only problem was with ME!  Long story but there were issues with my dress delivery and room check in at Venetian so with terrible traffic and and valet issues, I was late getting to Mandalay Bay.  The valet was not going to park my car (with 6 people in it) without a room key.  I said, "You can check the list.  I'm a registered guest here."  He told me he didn't have time for that so I said, "I have 60 people waiting for me upstairs.  You can park my car or wait for my fiancé to bring down a room key for you but I'm not moving."
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  • Another question, did many people come all at once or did they trickle in and out? 
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  • There were a few that came around 5pm, which was the starting time and then the bulk of people came about an hour after it started.  There was some trickle but I was surprised that a lot of people stayed for most of the whole 4 hours.  It was a little crowded and it got kind of hot in there with so many people but there are 2 A/C's in that suite and I cranked both of them down to 60 degrees and some people migrated into the bedroom area.  That helped out a LOT with cooling things down.
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  • I am looking into the Metropolitan Suite at the Flamingo (where we are staying). Do you think realisticaly 40 people (coming and going) would fit in there?

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  • I'm doing a very similarly sized welcome reception the day before my wedding for guests who will be in town. We expect 24-40. I booked a private space with bar and service at the downstairs bar at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. The room minimum is I think $1,200 or $1,400 -- I can do any drinks and choose a ton of buttered and stationary appetizers to meet the minimum. It's a bit more than we had wanted to spend but everywhere I called at MB (home base for our wedding) would only do private space -- no one would permit me to have a reserved section in their bar area and throw down my card for the section. Border Grill is a fun place I have been a dozen times so I feel good knowing what I am getting.

    Good luck in planning!
  • Thanks! I will take a look. 
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  • @hmgiffor‌ - im still trying to figure this same thing out. so far it looks like Hard Rock Cafe is the most reasonable option and very easy to work with.
  • Yea I have an email in with them but she is on vacation. Now that we are now getting married at Platinum, I was thinking of having something in-suite there but I was hoping to stay on the strip. 
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  • @hmgiffor‌ totally do in suite meet n greet, if you are not having ur wedding reception in the suite. That's perfect, you'll save on cost.
  • @ hmgiffor We are staying at the Flamingo as well next Oct and inquired about the Metropolitan for an insuite meet n greet I was quoted $711 and was informed there are no outside vendors allowed. I was sent the bootle service, wine & champagne, in service food menus.
  • That's lame! This meet & greet is starting to irritate me. I may just do what one of the recent brides did and just show up at the Chandelier bar :) I thought Hard Rock was going to be a good option but they recommended I do the one off the strip :( 
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  • What did/do you in-vision your meet & greet to be? Like just drinks? Drinks and food? Did you want to pay for everything? Cause literally a meet & greet is just that. A gathering. It doesn't have to be open bar or horse-devours. You can all just meet somewhere and just have drinks. It's really just to touch base prior to the wedding for everyone to mix and mingle.
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