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What's the story with the Nest?


Re: What's the story with the Nest?

  • I lurk a lot.  Mostly now it's just "Trouble in Paradise" and "Getting Pregnant" that seem moderately active.  I get annoyed with the TIP board because sometimes I feel like Tarpy dissects every single word before moving on.  Multiple times.
    This is exactly what Tarpon does. When the Mass Exodus to GBCN occurred, Tarpon stayed on TK because everybody sane left and now she gets to run rampant without anybody calling her on her over-the-top batshit-craziness.
  • Also, damn you! I've been sucked into the black hole that is Trouble in Paradise!
  • When I first joined TK, I also checked out TN because DH and I had just purchased our house, so I thought it would be helpful. It was not. I also lurked on TIP for a bit but it made me very sad.
  • I try so hard every once in a while to get into TN, but it's so slow that I just can't.  I do lurk the Book Club if I want new book ideas though, and that board seems to be moving more.  We don't want kids, so I stay away from TB.  There is no place for me there.  And BNOTB on TN is always about why you don't want kids and do you ever get comments about it  

  • Maybe it's changed, but I tried to get into the Travel board on TN. Every other post became about traveling with children, and I guess that makes sense, but I'm totally disinterested in that. I love to travel but I have no desire to procreate.


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